FNC’s Beck on Left-Wing Media Tea Party Criticism: 'They Don’t Get It'

Some groups on the left may have it out for anti-tax tea party movement, but according to one of the movement's biggest proponents - it is because they don't understand it from a hierarchical perspective.

Although there are reports that ACORN, The Huffington Post and the Daily Kos wanting to infiltrate the rallies, or crying foul for other reason - Beck, who appeared on Fox News Channel's April 9 "Your World with Neil Cavuto," explained that the left has difficulty understanding it's not a top-down movement, but a bottom-up one.

"It is a fundamental misunderstanding of the left," Beck said. "They don't get it. They think that these tax rallies - because they are so into their ‘.org's and their ACORN movements, where you have to have these coordinators. These are regular people and they are regular people that were hacked off at George W. Bush. They were angry at the spending of the Republicans."

Beck attributed his ratings success - third behind only Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor" and "Hannity" - to him and his Fox News colleagues understanding people beyond the New York-Washington bubble.

"And so they don't understand, and so it's - you know the ratings success that I'm having right now is not ... it's not anything about me or it's just that nobody else, at least outside of Fox understands what's happening in the rest of the country," Beck explained. "The best thing these liberal media organizations can do is go put their business some place in the center of the country for awhile. Make your reporters live there."

"This is not reality - New York is not the rest of America," Beck added.

Cavuto asked Beck if it bothered him that when a commentator from the left makes a rapid ascension, they get "fawning" press coverage, but Beck's rise, that hasn't been the case.

"No, it must mean that we're saying something right," Beck said. "I think the key on the tea parties I hope that we all remember is we need to model ourselves not after a revolution like the American Revolution, because I believe it would be the French Revolution. We need to model our self after the Civil Rights Revolution in America."

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