Media’s March Madness Over Trump and GOP Congress

From questioning Donald Trump’s patriotism and mental stability to griping about the GOP Congress’s “hard-hearted” budget and “drive-by” hit of a health care plan the liberal media have been going through their own version of March Madness. 

On March 8, CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley questioned Trump’s “rationality” and MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, on March 16, openly wondered about “Trump’s “patriotic instincts.” CNN’s Jim Acosta pressed OMB Director Mick Mulvaney about the GOP’s “hard-hearted” budget and over on PBS Tavis Smiley worried about “innocent persons who are going to get killed” in the “drive-by” hit of Republican plans for health care reform. 

There was also a lot of fretting about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, as Matthews whined it’s “not his turn” as he insisted Merrick Garland get his shot. And celebrities like Monty Python’s Eric Idle and filmmaker Michael Moore raged that “climate deniers” and Trump could bring about the “extinction” of the human race. 

The following is a collection of just some the most over-the-top liberal media outbursts from the past month: 

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Questioning Trump’s Mental Stability...  



“Is it appropriate to ask whether the President is having difficulty with rationality?”
— Anchor Scott Pelley on the CBS Evening News, March 8. 

“The man in the White House is demonstrably capable of making up claims that have no reality. He’s no better than the weirdo in the basement who calls in the fire alarm just to hear the sirens going past.”
— Host Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball, March 16.


...and His Patriotism



“I wonder about Trump’s patriotic instincts, don’t you? Here he was today, given a chance to say something about a foreign group [Russia] trying to undercut the U.S. government in the world and he gives us the smile of a Cheshire cat. What do we make of that smile?...Does he think it makes him cool to be enjoying the way the group that helped get him elected is helping itself to undermine our government’s intelligence capability?....That he’s got foreign allies ready to destroy this country’s institutions with the same cheek that trampled Hillary Clinton’s chances in the last election?...Which side are you on?...That smile of Trump’s tells you the answer. He’s dancing with the one that brung him and doesn’t mind a lick that we know it.” 
— Host Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball, March 9.    
“I just want to stay as far away as possible from trying engage with someone [Donald Trump] who seems to have an audience of one who may not have the country’s best interest in mind, we’ll put it that way.”
— Co-host Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, March 13.


Trump is a “Laughingstock in the Capitals of Europe”


“He’s [Donald Trump] got an agenda in the world which is disruptive, like his agenda at home. They [European leaders] want to come to terms with it. He’s been sent by the American people to change things. Right? And they’re ready to do business with him....And they’re lost in the weeds of this adolescence out of Washington....The White House, at this point, is a laughingstock in the capitals of Europe.”
— Correspondent Terry Moran on ABC’s This Week, March 19. 


Republicans Would Rather Die Than Go On ObamaCare


“These Repub voters hate Obama so much they’d rather die of disease than be kept alive by a plan that bears his name. That some deep ---- !”...
“How can the GOP possibly sell this to ppl with a single working brain cell unless their minds are clouded by partisan hatred?!…”...
“Allow me to repeat: This ‘president’ is a parasite!”
New York Times columnist Charles Blow in March 13 tweets. 


GOP’s “Drive-By” Hit on ObamaCare Will Kill “Innocent Bystanders” 



“They may not be the targets, but there are often innocent victims who are –  the bystanders. They get hit in a drive-by. Somebody came through there to kill somebody –  and you weren’t the target, but you got killed as an innocent bystander....If he [Paul Ryan] doesn’t see them as the targets, does he see them as potentially innocent persons who are going to get killed in this drive-by?”
— Host Tavis Smiley on PBS’s Tavis Smiley show, March 23. 


Photographic Proof of Sexist, Racist GOP



“I want to put this picture up –  this is –  and get the reaction from you guys, that Democrats are seizing on this. Vice President Mike Pence tweeted out a photo with the message: ‘Appreciated joining the POTUS for meeting with the Freedom Caucus again today. This is it. Pass the bill.’
Democratic Senator Patty Murray retweeted it, adding the message: ‘A rare look inside the GOP’s Women’s Caucus.’...They’re deciding on women for pediatrics, maternity care, and I also had a friend who said who texted me and said, ‘The only brown thing in that picture is the table.’”
— Host Don Lemon on CNN Tonight, March 23

Hitting Trump’s “Hard-Hearted” Budget


“The United Nations says the world’s facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II. 20 million people in just four countries facing starvation or famine and yet you’re cutting funding to the U.N. — funding to the foreign aid budget. Are you worried that some of the most vulnerable people on Earth will suffer as a result?”
Al-Jazeera reporter James Bay to Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Mick Mulvaney during March 16 press conference

“During the course of the campaign, President Trump said specifically to urban black voters, he says, what do you have to lose? It turns out what they have to lose is $6 billion that goes to many programs that benefit those communities. What do you say to those Americans who feel that promise wasn’t kept?”....In Austin, Texas today, one organization there that delivers meals to thousands of elderly says those citizens will no longer be able to be provided those meals. So, what do you say to Americans who are, ultimately, losing out, not on housing but on other things that are taken out of the budget?”
— NBC correspondent Peter Alexander to OMB Director Mick Mulvaney during March 16 press conference.

“You were talking about the steel worker in Ohio and the coal miner in Pennsylvania and so on. But those workers may have an elderly mother who depends on the Meals on Wheels program, who may have kids in Head Start and yesterday or the day before you, described this as a hard power budget but is it also a hard-hearted budget?”
— CNN reporter Jim Acosta to OMB Director Mick Mulvaney during March 16 press conference.


What Do Blacks Have to Lose Under Trump? A Lot.



“What do African-Americans have to lose? The President’s proposed budget slashes funding, let’s see, for federal agencies that assist poor and urban areas, including many African-Americans, Department of Housing and Urban Development down 13.2 percent, the Department of Education down 13.5 percent, Department of Health and Human Services down 16.2 percent. So it seems that some African-Americans are losing a lot.”
— Host Don Lemon on CNN Tonight, March 16. 


Trump Voters Thought He Was Only Going to Hurt the “Brown People” 



“Trump won in the Rust Belt in those states saying he was going to repeal and replace ObamaCare because we thought at the time that he understood that his voters hated the ‘Obama’ but they liked the ‘care.’ They didn’t see him as a guy who was going to come and cancel their Medicaid. They thought he was Daddy Warbucks. They thought that he was just going to cancel undocumented people’s Medicaid that they don't get. They just assumed that he was going to get all the brown people to stop, quote, ‘taking what’s theirs,’ but that they were going to keep their stuff.”
— Host Joy Reid on MSNBC’s Hardball, March 24. 


Trump Voters Need to Read the New York Times to See How He’s Screwing Them


“It’s so horrific and so horrendous. Just when you thought it was safe to stop talking about Trump he unleashes his budget on us. He wants to cut clean water. He wants to stop helping old people and public education so we can all be as dumb as he is!...A lot of Trump voters need to start reading the New York Times and see what he’s doing to you, okay?”
— Co-host Joy Behar on ABC’s The View, March 17. 


Chris Matthews Sounds Like Whiny Kid: It’s Not Gorsuch’s Turn!



“I don’t want to see Donald Trump stuff his nominee through the hoop. Why? Because it’s not his turn. It’s Merrick Garland’s turn and everyone knows it. Vote nay on Gorsuch, demand the 60 votes and don’t give them to Trump. It’s not this guy’s turn. It’s not his guy’s turn and all the charm and dancing and Mr. Nice Guy is not going to change it. It’s not about Gorsuch or even Trump. It’s about Mitch McConnell and the brand of low-level politics he stands for.”
— Host Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball, March 21. 


GOP Stopped Garland, What’s Next? Bringing Back Slavery?  


“To me, it was a trampling on the Constitution by the Republican party who did not give Mr. Garland a hearing.... He [Barack Obama] was obligated to put forth that nomination, and they were obligated to take it up, I believe, and vote up or down. So it wasn’t just a violation or an abrogation of norms, it was a trampling on our most precious document....But what happens next? We end up reconsidering, you know, people being slaves again? We end up reconsidering the right for women to vote?”
— Host Tavis Smiley on PBS’s Tavis Smiley show, March 21.


Worse Than William Henry Harrison? 



“I think it’s also fair to say that a lot of presidents stumble. A lot of presidents had trouble in their first hundred days. Bill Clinton had trouble. Jack Kennedy had his Pay of Pigs in the first hundred days. When you add up the totality of it, you said this is the worst week of his presidency. I actually think this may be the worst hundred days we’ve ever seen in a president.”
— Political analyst David Gergen on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper, March 24. President William Henry Harrison died from pneumonia, just 31 days into his term. 


Trump’s “Madness” Risking “Future Generations”


“Only 10 weeks into his presidency, and at great risk to future generations, Donald Trump has ordered the demolition of most of President Barack Obama’s policies to combat climate change by reducing emissions from fossil fuels....Are there ways to avert this madness?”
New York Times March 28 op-ed “President Trump Risks the Planet” 


It Will Be Slow But Trump Could “Kill Us All” 


“There are a variety of ways that Trump could kill us all. The slowest, surest and most likely way he’ll do it is via climate change.”
— March 21 tweet by MTV News Senior National correspondent Jamil Smith. 


Execute Climate Change Deniers

@EricIdle: “I think that denying climate change is a crime against humanity. And they should be held accountable in a World Court.”...
TheRealPaulC.Himself @PaulClaessen: “Are you saying stupidity and ignorance should be punishable?”
@EricIdle: “Yes, but humanely. Put down gently....”
— March 15 and 16 tweets from former Monty Python comedy troop member Eric Idle.


Trump To Bring About “Extinction” of Human Life


“Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump.”
— March 28 tweet from filmmaker Michael Moore.

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