BMI/NB's Menefee Hits Media for Recession Fear-mongering on 'Fox & Friends'

April 2nd, 2008 11:47 AM

Business & Media Institute Managing Editor Amy Menefee appeared on "Fox & Friends" on April 2 to discuss the media's involvement in sparking recession fears.

Rescuing viewers from "solid recession talk," Menefee said that specifically network news reports already "have gone far beyond recession, they are already concerned about a depression."

"They're not tell-they're not allowing people on the networks to say ‘Hey, let's get this in perspective right now,' as you said we haven't had a quarter of negative growth yet."

Menefee also told Fox News viewers what is missing from coverage.

"I think another thing that the media are leaving out is the-this push to rescue people, to rescue the economy. It's a lot of pressure for government to do something and we don't want government to just do anything just to do something."