Here’s the WORST Moments from Race-Baiter Joy Reid’s Interview With Coates, Hannah-Jones

July 7th, 2021 8:28 PM

Fresh off mocking the Christian faith of Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and agreeing with the claim that January 6 was worse than September 11, 2001, MSNBC’s ReidOut host Joy Reid spent 13 minutes hurling more race-baiting venom with fellow race hustlers Ta-Nehisi Coates and Nikole Hannah-Jones hours after the two announced they would be joining Howard University’s faculty.

This came at the conclusion of the saga in which the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill offered Hannah-Jones a professorship, but had decided against granting her immediate tenure before reversing course. However, the author of the erroneous and poisonous 1619 Project declined it.



Reid began by allowing Hannah-Jones to act as though she had been subjected to some traumatic and almost violent experience, leading Hannah-Jones to say the ordeal “was deeply hurtful,” “enraging,” and “humiliating” because it was emblematic of how every single Black child has to grow up “work[ing] twice as hard to get half as far.” 

The elitist academic added that it “confirm[ed] my life’s work...about how black people are treated in this country and how, even if you follow all of their rules, in the end, it’s not going to guarantee that you will be treated fairly.”

Showing her hatred for people of different races, Reid referred to “PWIs” (or predominantly-white institutions) and suggested more Black people needed to turn away from schools where other races are present and return to HBCUs because they’re “schools that were producing the greatest minds in American history, the minds that broke the back of segregation,” and overturned “the rules that had been in this country, in place since the 1619 [sic]”

Gushing that she was speaking with “the T’Challa and Okoye of academia right now,” Reid went to Coates with her outrageously false and odious strawman that those who push back on them have engaged in a “theft that has undergirded American society,” and “lionized these founders as sort of a bedtime story, rather than confront the real pain that’s in the history that built us, to be strong, as we are.”

She also mocked white people, suggesting UNC was glad there were two fewer black faculty members because “our poor” and “fragile” “white students” wouldn’t be able to “handle the truth” about how they too have been oppressors.

After Coates lamented UNC students have “been denied the counsel of arguably the most decorated journalist in America,” he and Reid reiterated the false claim that the opposition to the 1619 Project wassn’t in good-faith and rather based on race because the work of Hannah-Jones is based on “facts” (click “expand”):

REID: [W]hy do you think — if you can step outside of it just for a moment, and look at what Nikole wrote, in terms of what she created, in terms of The 1619 Project, look at the things that you’ve written, the things Adam Serwer has written, they have been searing, but they’re just facts, right? They’re not dangerous, in and of themselves. It’s just ideas. Why do you think that people on the right are so terrified of these facts?

COATES: But they are — but they are dangerous. They are. They are extremely dangerous. The political order in this country is predicated on a bedtime story. The history is not merely something that lives outside of the politics. There’s a reason why the Confederate flag hung over the state of South Carolina. There’s a reason why those statues were — were erected. They are a part of the political order. They justify the anti-democratic power that — that exists in this country[.]


COATES: These have always redoubts and places where one would say a more truthful, more accurate and more, as it turns out, searing version of America was rendered to its students and I think that’s important.

Reid went back to Hannah-Jones, spewing more lies about how non-liberals view history. And in an ironic twist, Reid fretted that “parts of white America are just going to further retreat into the bedtime story, that this rejection of — of true history” minutes after campaigning for more Black people to self-segregate by choosing HBCUs en masse.

Hannah-Jones replied by giving away the game about how CRT was something race arsonists want to teach, educate children to hate themselves and their country, and tied the need to teach CRT to the truly evil fact that slaver owners kept enslaved people from learning how to read (click “expand”):

I have said that the same places that are trying to ban the teaching of critical race theory, that are trying to ban The 1619 Project, which is actually, you know, they’re just trying to ban the teaching of the true racist history of this country, those are the same places that are introducing and passing laws to restrict the vote, right? Those are places that are trying to ensure minority rule, and that the people who the majority are supporting cannot actually have control of the politics of state. So, these things are going hand in hand. And that’s when Ta-Nehisi says that ideas are dangerous, we know. There’s a reason black people during slavery were not allowed to read, right? There’s a reason why there were prohibitions during slavery on abolitionist literature, because ideas change action and the way that you sustain an unequal society is by making us think that this is an equal society.

And so, if you don’t succeed, it’s because you haven’t tried enough. So, it’s not incidental that, after we see the largest protests for civil rights and black rights in the history of this country, and when you started to see the language changing, and even white people who had before rejected the idea of systemic inequality starting to say, well, maybe this isn’t the country I thought it was, that is then why you see this backlash, because they actually know if you learn that history, they’re saying, you’re bad, white people. They’re saying that — that you are evil, and we can’t teach this to you. So, none of this is incidental. And it is. It’s very dangerous. We have seen this before.

Reid ended on a Marxist revolutionary-like note, bragging that, with Coates and Hannah-Jones, “Howard University is about to turn out students, thousands and thousands of minds, into the world of journalism over the next many, many years...who are going to tear down the house and there’s nothing anybody can do about it.”

Put simply, it was never about the facts and all about indoctrination, power, and racial resentment.

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