RACIST Joy Reid: ‘Jim Crow’ Ted Cruz Is a Betrayal to His Race for Opposing Voting Bill

May 12th, 2021 12:25 AM

Left-wing racist and MSNBC host Joy Reid was at it again on Tuesday night, poisoning ReidOut viewers on the Comcast-owned channel to assert that not only do Republicans fear all Black people to the point of banning them from voting, but “Jim Crow” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was a betrayal to his skin color (like a character in Django Unchained) for opposing the far-left For the People Act.

Though this won’t come as a surprise to anyone with a pulse, Reid falsely claimed Cruz has “never raised one concern in his entire life” about racism and insisted that, if the For the People Act isn’t passed, America “may never get another free and fair election again.”



Reid’s outburst came following a Senate Rules Committee mark-up of the bill (known as H.R. 1 in the House and S. 1 in the Senate) with Cruz having played a leading role by having offered dozens of amendments (and a few biting remarks along the way).

Giving away the game about federalizing elections to go beyond last year’s COVID measures for 2020, she insisted the law “would stop this tidal wave of voter suppression” by “creat[ing] a national standard to ensure that you have a right to vote” and “reform campaign finance and congressional redistricting.”

Triggered by a clip of Cruz mockingly calling the measure “Jim Crow 2.0,” Reid said she was “beyond offended” that someone from the “Jim Crow Party” “would dare use the word”, since the man who “does” and “says a lot of stupid things” was actively “trying to suppress the votes of people.”

Senator Alex Padilla (D-CA) joined Reid on the fainting couch, boasting that Cruz’s comments were “beyond offensive” and “enraging.”

Continuing with the fanatical and Orwellian narrative about things like Election Day and voter ID, Reid gushed to NAACP official Janai Nelson that she “work[s] for an organization that has been fighting against Jim Crow and including Jim Crow voting laws, which were specifically designed to stop black people from being able to vote.”

Reid then made one of her insane claims about Cruz, saying he doesn’t “give a damn about Jim Crow” and has “never raised one concern ever in his entire life that I’ve ever heard about Jim Crow or racism or discrimination.”

Unsurprisingly, basic searches of Cruz’s Senate website and Twitter account would debunk that claim. Here are a small handful of examples (click “expand,” presented in no particular order):

  • When a gunman killed 23 people in a El Paso Walmart, Cruz called the act “radical, domestic terrorism” and slammed the gunman’s manifesto as “ignorant racism,” “profoundly anti-American,” and “repulsive”
  • During last summer’s riots, Cruz denounced destruction of Black-owned businesses by Antifa as “profoundly racist.”
  • On May 3, Cruz tweeted about the “deranged,” “hateful,” and “racist” tirade a woman unleashed against a Latino Los Angeles Sheriffs Deputy
  • Cruz has repeatedly called out Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger as having been a “racist”
  • After Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) received racist attacks for proposing his own police reform bill, Cruz spoke out against the “racist” messages Scott had “received”
  • On Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 2018, he tweeted that King had a “devotion to the truth” that included fighting “the grotesque injustice of racial discrimination.”
  • Back in 2014 when racist comments came to light against then-Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, Cruz said he “agree[d]” with then-President Obama that “Sterling's comments are ignorant & offensive,” adding: “[r]acism has no place in our society.”
  • Throughout his career, Cruz has defended religious liberty and condemned attempts at discrimination (with this merely a representative example)

Nelson agreed, saying Cruz’s comments “could be comical if it wasn't so appalling and so many people wouldn't be deeply misled by his — his misinformation and disinformation” and he was part of the “Jim Crow 2.0....tidal wave.”

She went onto say that Cruz and his fellow Republicans were following in the footsteps of segregationists who decide that as “soon as African-Americans were able to exercise political will...were enacted, Jim Crow laws to prevent them from exercising that power.”

Reid also worked in the convenient claim about the need to end the “Jim Crow” filibuster, the lie about how a failure to pass the For the People Act would end “free and fair election[s],” and the conspiracy that Republicans want to “write” black people “out of existence” (click “expand”):

REID: You know, Senator Padilla, it seems like these things are all fairly obvious to anyone who’s paying attention to what’s going. What is Jim Crow is the filibuster. Very directly, right? It was used specifically to stop any legislation that would allow black people to vote.


REID: Do you think that your fellow Democratic colleagues understand that if they don't pass this bill, we may never get another free and fair election again? Does Joe Manchin — do they understand — do Democrats understand that?

PADILLA: I think that’s increasingly clear, absolutely. A lot of issues that we’re passionate about that, as President Johnson once upon said, voting rights are the — is the right that protects all other rights. You know, if our democracy, the bedrock of our democracy is undermined, we're in a whole world of hurt and that's what we're fighting for with S. 1. 


REID: When you look at the way — which party controls state legislatures, Janai, it's mostly Republican. They control 29 state legislatures. Democrats control 20 for the northeast and the west. There's one that's split. One that's non-partisan. They could easily write black, brown, young and working class voters out of existence.

Reid concluded the segment with the racist smear against Cruz, saying that the right is scared by the sight of Black people voting and thus will “do everything they can to make sure it doesn’t happen, including, you know, Stephen from Django Unchained aka Ted Cruz, who’s — who’s working to stop fellow people of color from voting, which is amazing.”

Reid’s racist claims that Cruz is a betrayal to his skin color and that half the American population is scared of Black people was made possible thanks to the endorsement of advertisers such as Farmer’s Insurance, Fidelity, Kraft, Lincoln, Volvo, and Weather Tech. Follow the links to see their contact information at the MRC’s Conservatives Fight Back page so you can let them know what they supported.