Mansplaining Much? ABC’s Moran Knocks FNC’s Bream for Feeling Threatened at SCOTUS

July 11th, 2018 11:16 AM

In a mid-Tuesday morning tweet, ABC News chief foreign correspondent and longtime Supreme Court correspondent Terry Moran engaged in some mansplaining and anti-Fox News chicanery by voicing displeasure with Fox News @ Night host Shannon Bream for claiming that she left her spot Monday night outside the Supreme Court because she “felt threatened” by the “very volatile” “mood” by the far-left protesters.

With a world in which liberal media types are casually lumping in the Trump administration to authoritarian countries where journalists are jailed and murdered, one would think that lefty journalists would take any threat against the press seriously. Guess not, so long as you work for Fox News.

Here’s Moran’s tweet in all it’s glory (or lack thereof): 

If Moran did that to, say, Jim Acosta, it would be a five-alarm five at CNN. Because we all know how it goes over there when an old lady at a Trump rally or a man in front of him at a White House event shouts at him.

Here’s a few examples of prominent conservatives rallying to Bream’s defense: 


The arrogance of the liberal media will never grow any less infuriating.