No Self-Awareness: Six Unhinged Moments from Liberal Media Lovefest at Aspen Ideas Festival


Buckle Up!

The Aspen Ideas Festival has a reputation of being an elitist conclave of liberal academics, journalists, and pundits (with rare exceptions) to pat themselves on the back and how they could work together to advance their left-of-center worldviews. 

So it was no surprise when the late June gathering held a June 27 panel called “How We Survive Attacks on Journalism” and featured a who’s who from the liberal media. Moderated by NPR’s David Folkenflik, it featured liberal Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart (though he wasn’t labeled a liberal), NPR’s Joshua Johnson, MSNBC host/NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell, USA Today’s Susan Page, and media televangelist and host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter.

As expected, the 65-minute-long panel was a sanctimonious love letter to the liberal media with only occasional reflection about how to improve themselves and win back supporters (though Johnson did most of that). 

So, without any further adieu, here were six deranged moments (presented in chronological order). 

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