No Self-Awareness: Six Unhinged Moments from Liberal Media Lovefest at Aspen Ideas Festival



4. Stelter Meltdown: ‘Trump Is Poisoning the American People,’ Causing a National ‘Emergency’

Folkenflik left Stelter ready for liftoff with a series of triggering questions that actually were sensible: 

Why is it different that people are frustrated with the media now? Why should we be so defensive about that? Why should we be on DEFCON Two or One? Why should we be up in arms in this? When over the years, the media presents people sometimes with information that is unwanted, sometimes with information that turns out not to be the case, sometimes with information that turns out not to be true. 

Stelter was not amused, responding that it’s worth freaking out “[b]ecause the most powerful people in the world are trying to destroy our news organizations,” including the President and “has never happened in our nation's history, as far as I'm aware.” Sorry, Brian, but progressive Woodrow Wilson would beg to differ.

The CNN senior Media correspondent then uncorked a doozy of a tangent, proclaiming that “President Trump is poisoning the American people, a subset of the American people that have been infected by the poison, it is getting worse every day and we're going to reckon with the consequences for decades.”

Stelter went onto suggest the country was in the midst of a “crisis” and “emergency” while suggesting that the news media’s mistakes “are few and far between”:

I find myself wondering in 20 years when will look back will we think this was an emergency. Why didn't we step up and say this is an emergency? Now, many of us do call it a crisis. There is a crisis of credibility for the White House. There's also a crisis of credibility for the press. We're clearly flawed and I do not think we should pretend we're not flawed, we do not make mistakes. But rather than hang on to the mistakes, which are few and far between, there's this incredible amount of journalism being produced everyday that's being dismissed by a segment of the population....I think we have to ask ourselves is this an emergency? What should I, what should we be doing differently? If this is a crisis, what should we be doing differently? Will we be proud of ourselves in 20 years? Was this an aberration or was this the start of something new and very troubling? And then how are we going to win people back?

Deep breaths, Brian.

(h/t: Real Clear Politics)

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