CBS Praises Nevada Pro-Lifer for Accepting Defeat

June 2nd, 2019 5:15 PM

On Saturday's CBS Weekend News, a pre-recorded report focused partially on liberals in the Nevada legislature managing to pass a new pro-abortion law, and, rather than providing a pro-life side to balance the story, the lone pro-lifer shown was portrayed as not minding that her side lost. In fact, she was even praised for accepting her side's defeat.



CBS anchor Reena Ninan set up the piece: "Nine states have passed anti-abortion laws so far this year, but, in Nevada, the majority female legislature made a different choice. Here's Jamie Yuccas."

Correspondent Jamie Yuccas began by celebrating: "Inside the Nevada state legislature, the face of change is evident. Senator Yvanna Cancela is part of a new female majority, already flexing their political muscle."

After a clip of Democratic State Senator Yvanna Cancela listing several women's issue, Yuccas, continued: "There's also a much different tone when they agree to disagree."

Then came a clip of an unidentified Democratic state legislator recalling: "We have the Trust Nevada Women Act which decriminalized abortion laws. That was a really important piece of legislation."

A clip was then included of an unidentified pro-life state legislator who meekly commented with an attitude of resignation: "I couldn't vote for that, you know. That's just my personal belief. You know, as a conservative, I'm pro-life. You know, some of those things you maybe just leave alone and say, 'Okay, we don't see eye to eye on this, and it's okay.'"

Yuccas then positively reacted to her pro-life interviewee's nonchalant response to losing: "Do you think women are better at doing that, you think?"

The CBS correspondent spent much of the later part of the report on a lesbian who was elected to the state senate. After a clip of the unidentified Democrat commenting on the new "diversity," Yuccas added: "Just meet Senator Pat Spearman. You're African American, you're a lesbian, you served in the military, and you're an ordained minster. It doesn't get more diverse than you."