Hunt Presses Jordan on Whether Stricter Immigration Law Is 'Christian'

June 12th, 2018 5:42 PM

As Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan appeared as a guest on Tuesday's MSNBC Live, fill-in host Kasie Hunt repeatedly pressed her GOP guest on whether his conservative agenda on immigration reform was consistent with "christianity" -- a religion-based angle one would not hear a Democrat being pressed on by journalists on issues like, say, abortion.



Hunt raised the Christianity angle at 3:50 p.m. Eastern as she brought up Attorney General Jeff Sessions pushing to make it more difficult for immigrants to qualify as asylum seekers:

Jeff Sessions has announced that he's changing the rules for asylum seekers, and those people who are coming and saying that they are victims of domestic violence will not be able to find asylum here in the United States. Do you think that's a Christian approach?

After Jordan brought up the MS-13 gang and argued that it is important to prevent immigrants from using deception to gain acceptance into the country, Hunt followed up:

I'm not asking you about people who are part of MS-13 -- I'm asking you about, say, a woman -- a young woman who comes here and says, "I'm a victim of domestic violence." Our asylum laws previously said she could come here and apply for asylum.

As the Congressman tried to explain the importance of reforming the process of seeking asylum, she again pressed: "And you think that that's the Christian approach to that?" She soon added: "Is it un-Christian?"

After Jordan again declined to make an argument about whether immigration policy should be considered "Christian," Hunt got in one more shot as she followed up: "I'm still not hearing you argue that it's a Christian policy, sir."