Sharpton Likens Himself to James Bond vs Koch Brother 'Villains'

March 18th, 2018 2:12 PM

On Sunday morning's PoliticsNation on MSNBC, during the "Gotcha" segment, host Al Sharpton lamely compared himself to James Bond as he likened conservative donors Charles and David Koch to Bond-type "villains" because of their support for conservative causes.



The MSNBC host began the regular segment by recalling that CIA Director Mike Pompeo was on track to be appointed by President Donald Trump as the next Secretary of State, noting that Pompeo had received financial support from the Kochs for his congressional campaigns. Misidentifying Pompeo as a "former FBI director," Sharpton recounted:

Now for this week's 'Gotcha.' You know the Trump era seems tailor-made for the kind of power brokers you only see in James Bond movies. Take the multi-billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch who opened this week with the news that their guy, former FBI director Mike Pompeo, had been tapped to become President Trump's next Secretary of State.

Sharpton then informed viewers that the Kochs finance a program that assists in primary school education, and then fretted: "But the catch, according to education critics, is that the curriculum tilts young minds in a patently right-wing direction, promoting limited government and conservative readings of history."

Concluding the segment, he described the Koch brothers as "villains" and had delusions of being a special agent code-named "Double-O-Reverend." Sharpton: "Brothers Koch, like many movie villains, you've got some inventive fronts for your enterprise. But, like James Bond, I've got a code name, too. Call me 'Double-O-Reverend,' agent of justice and master of an ancient art of 'I Gotcha.'"