Bill Maher Mocks Santorum's Pro-Life Views on NBC's Tonight Show

Appearing as a guest on Wednesday's Tonight Show on NBC, HBO's Real Time host Bill Maher mocked GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum's pro-life views, inspiring laughter from host Jay Leno.

After Leno brought up presidential politics, Maher cracked that the former Pennsylvania Senator "thinks life begins at erection":

JAY LENO: What do you make of Rick Santorum's surge? You must be thrilled.

BILL MAHER: Oh, don't even say that word about Santorum. It sounds dirty. He's a, Rick Santorum, a little conservative for me. Thinks life begins at erection, this guy, I mean. what, I mean.

After Leno and the audience laughed, the HBO comedian continued:

There are people like that who think life begins the second the sperm hits the hooha. Before the man can even light a cigarette or get up and get a towel, there is a third person in that room. Before the woman can even say, "What are you thinking?" there is a third person in that room.

He went on to mock Tea Party activists for being willing to support Santorum, and brought referred to his opposition of the modern gay rights agenda:

But I think it's funny that, you know, this election, remember, up until recently was going to be election all about money. Deficits and jobs and the deficit and the spending too much, this is what the Tea Party was so upset about, right? Weren't they made at the bankers and the bailouts? And then, you know, somebody shoves a big, gay penis in their face, and they jump at it.

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