November 4th, 2022 11:47 AM

Tiffany Cross, the eponymous provocateur who leads The Cross Connection, is out at MSNBC, Variety first reported. Variety reports that the network declined to renew her contract and “severed ties with her immediately.”

Cross was MSNBC’s preeminent race-baiter, a weekend version of Joy Reid who accused all who disagreed with her of being a racist while often engaging in racist remarks herself. She recently accused minority conservatives of being tokens and led a segment where she condemned “white-adjacent” Latinos.

Not only are those who disagree with Cross a bunch of racists, they are also a bunch of sexists. She has used her show to allow for accusations that Republican women uphold the patriarchy and have white privilege.

She decried Brett Kavanaugh’s “white man rage” while not finding time to cover the assassination attempt against him, she did find time to talk about another grave issue facing the republic: the lack of stripper unions. Speaking of Supreme Court justices, she labeled the GOP senators questioning Ketanji Brown Jackson as her “basic ass” “intellectual inferiors” while suggesting Clarence Thomas is going through a racial identity crisis because he married a white woman.

She has claimed pro-lifers dance with the devil and claimed that the United States was in no position to warn about Vladimir Putin using chemical weapons in Ukraine because American police officers do the same thing (they do not). Also, on Ukraine, she declared that taking in Ukrainian refugees, but not illegal immigrants, was racist.

As MSNBC looks for a new weekend connection, Tiffany Cross, one of the most vitriolic and divisive voices in the media, will not be missed.