CNN En Espanõl: Gaetz’s Use of Gas Mask On House Floor Was A 'Clown Move'

March 6th, 2020 8:08 PM

As COVID-19 continues to spread, so do the insidious comments by the likes of CNN En Español anchor Juan Carlos Lopez, who turned a report on the correct preventive measures to take against the virus into an opportunity to call U.S. Rep Matt Gaetz a clown for wearing a gas mask to work. 

Take a look at this video from Directo USA´s March 5, 2020 edition, featuring Surgeon General Jerome Adams as he addressed The Latino Coalition:



VADM JEROME ADAMS, SURGEON GENERAL OF THE UNITED STATES: The fact is, panic in this type of situation could kill more people than the virus. We need everyone to understand what they can do as individuals and what their communities can do to remain safe. One of those things is not to use the mask. In fact, I published a viral tweet last weekend asking people to please stop buying masks. They are not effective for the general public to protect themselves from coronavirus.

JUAN CARLOS LOPEZ: There you have the Surgeon General of the United States. This is Congressman Matt Gaetz, in a clear example of the sort of disinformation that can cause trouble. He went down to the Floor of the House- went to work with this type of mask. But this type of mask- do you see that tank in the front? It has a limited use, that filter is for emergency use, to leave a location, not to stay there and work. This is what you call disinformation, or: a clown move.

Two things stand: First, that instead of passing on the valuable information offered by the Surgeon General, CNN En Espanõl opted to mock a Republican congressman  who evidently believed he was doing the right thing, that is preventing the spread of the virus hyped by the media trying to blame Trump for its spread.

Second, anchor Juan Carlos Lopez snarkily exemplifies the liberal media’s pettiness. In this case, CNN En Español deliberately displays their political agenda- in direct conflict with the safety and wellbeing of the very public they serve.

One last thing: CNN En Espanõl found the time to call Gaetz a clown, but not a single word was mentioned regarding the event where Vice Admiral Jerome Adams spoke – an event also attended by President Donald Trump – at the Latino Coalition's legislative summit, where the president discussed matters such as the economy and border security. 

Snarking at Republicans was more important.