Jorge Ramos Goes On Anti-Trump Binge after El Paso Shooting

August 9th, 2019 5:27 PM

Few things are more upsetting than watching the media, including the nation´s Spanish-language newscasts, turn a tragedy into a political issue. The massacre that took place at a Walmart store in El Paso, Texas, provided all of the liberal media with the perfect scenario to do so non-stop.

Here is just a sample of the talking points passing as news at Noticiero Univision on Monday, August 5 and Tuesday, August 6, 2019: 



JORGE RAMOS [on 08/05/19]: Now the question is whether the President of the United States Donald Trump is to blame for this? I remember that in July 2015 Donald Trump himself said that Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists. 


RAMOS [on 08/06/19]: It should be remembered that President Donald Trump in July 2015 said the following: Mexican immigrants bring crime, bring drugs, and are rapists.


RAMOS [on 08/06/19]: Is President Trump responsible for inspiring the gunman last Saturday? 


RAMOS [on 08/06/19]: We are in a city that is totally divided, not only divided by the massacre, but also divided by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. 


RAMOS [on 08/06/19]: I asked the Senator if he believed that the President Trump was a racist.

However, the vitriolic hatred that Univision News continues to spew at the President of the United States during the coverage of the El Paso massacre did not stop with anchor Jorge Ramos, who has done everything but put the rifle in President Trump’s hands.

MRC Latino observed at least 10 other occasions during those two days, where the network´s anchors, reporters and guest speakers accused the President for his “role” in the shootings: Correspondent Alejandro Madrigal called him racist and anti-Mexican; Anchor Patricia Janiot, racist; Former Congressman Luis Gutiérrez (D-IL), racist and hater; and Congresswoman Verónica Escobar (D-TX) (very popular as a spokeswoman in Hispanic news these days), racist and hater (used the word hate 4 times when referring to Trump). 

All the hoopla and very little the following day at Univision or any of the other national Latino newscast about the California stabbing rampage committed by a Hispanic “documented gang member,” who police said "should have been in prison."