GHOULS: Telemundo Cheers Passage of Argentina's Pro-Abortion Law

December 31st, 2020 1:06 PM

In a ghastly report on the recently-passed legalization of abortion in Argentina, Telemundo proves once again that although immigration reigns supreme in Spanish-language media, the rest of the liberal policy agenda remains of topmost importance.

Watch below as Telemundo anchor Rebeka Smyth reports on the passage of a bill that makes abortion legal in Argentina:

REBEKA SMYTH: And Argentina legalizes abortion after the Senate vote and the joy spills out onto the streets. See for yourselves.

ARGENTINE LEGISLATOR: approved and becomes law and will be referred to the Executive.

SMYTH: Today the Argentine Senate passed a bill that legalizes abortion, a victory for the women's movement after decades of struggle. This represents a setback for Pope Francis in his country of birth, as well as for the Catholic religion. The legislation establishes that women and other persons with birthing-capable gender identities have the right to access voluntary (abortion) until the 14th week of gestation. 

At first, I thought that Smyth’s recital of “...and other persons with birthing-capable gender identities'' was an ad-libbed rogue entry into the Woke Olympics. But alas, that’s a direct quote from the very top of the bill that just passed both houses of Argentina’s Congress and awaits signature from far-left President Alberto Fernández. 

Not surprisingly, Telemundo heralded Argentina’s legalization of abortion as a joyful moment worthy of celebration but found no time to note the significant pro-life protests leading up to Wednesday’s vote. Instead, Telemundo took the time to cast the vote as a defeat for the Catholic Church generally, and for Pope Francis (who is from Argentina) specifically. No worries, they'll be sure to headline the next time Francis says something about capitalism or climate change.

Furthermore, the report frames passage as final, and legal abortion in Argentina as a done deal. But there are constitutional challenges ahead as Argentina’s pro-life movement takes to the courts. It appears that the recognition of life as beginning at conception is baked into Argentina’s constitution via the ratification of international treaties. Not surprisingly, Telemundo failed to make the time to report that. 

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