Jorge Ramos' Gaslighting Gets SHUT DOWN By Former AG of Puerto Rico

August 23rd, 2020 5:40 PM

In what has become a tale as old as time, Univision’s Jorge Ramos attempted to gaslight his viewers into believing that a Trump statement on immigration was meant to disparage an entire community. This time, though, he was met head-on and absolutely shut down by a prepared guest.

Watch as former Attorney General of Puerto Rico Joe Fuentes stops Ramos dead in his tracks before proceeding to shut down the former Mayor of Los Angeles and Biden surrogate Antonio Villaraigosa:



JORGE RAMOS: What are Donald Trump’s weak spots according to you, Antonio? 

ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA: Well, look. Mr. José just said that he keeps his promises. Yes. He has divided people, he has split families, he has placed children in cages, he has tried to build his wall, he has limited refugee entry- of Muslims, of persons of color, from Latin America... 

RAMOS: Jose, I’d like your response but first, let’s listen together to what the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has once again said about immigrants. Once again, he has called them murderers and rapists. This is what he said:

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: So we have people coming into this country: some great people, some really bad people too. And I mean murderers, and I mean rapists…

RAMOS: Once again Jose, the President of the United States calling immigrants “murderers and rapists”. How do you plan on winning the Latino vote that way?

JOE FUENTES: Well, what I just listened to was that the President said that many good people come into the United States via immigration, and that some bad ones also get in and that’s what he’s talking about. In other words, you’re wrong when you claim that the president is calling every immigrant a bad person. I would clarify for Antonio and remind him that it was Biden and Obama that built the cages where kids are supposedly being placed. That was not an initiative from President Trump. It was an initiative from the previous administration.

Here Fuentes provides a roadmap for conservatives appearing on Univision generally, and with Ramos, specifically: engage bluntly and directly, which forces their deeply-held narratives to collapse upon themselves. 

Furthermore, Fuentes showed conclusively that the constant peddling of racial and ethnic grievance at Univision is built on a lie intended to conceal the real reason for the network’s shrieking opposition to Donald Trump, to wit: that Univision is in fact a radical immigration advocacy PAC with a broadcast license seeking government permission to become a foreign-owned entity exercising undue influence in our electoral politics. 

Univision’s continuous political gaslighting is brought to you by Samsung. Click here to let Samsung know what they’re sponsoring, and click here to view Media Research Founder and President L. Brent Bozell III’s letter to the FCC in opposition to the proposed rule change that would allow Univision to become 100% foreign-owned.