Sins of Omission: Univision Blackout of Planned Parenthood Scandal

News of a third Planned Parenthood hidden-camera video - the most gruesome to date - exploded all over the Internet earlier this week (a fourth video was released this morning). But those who depend on Univision for their news coverage wouldn’t know that, because so far the story has been entirely blacked out of both its early evening and late night national newscasts.

This should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Univision merely followed the rest of the mainstream media’s cue in suppressing this story, which threatens to destroy what is clearly one of the most revered institutions of the Left. Although Univision’s viewers did not get to see the horrors uncovered by the Center for Medical Progress, there was plenty of time for other stories.

Their top story was the dismissal of Miguel Herrera, the now former manager of the Mexican national men’s soccer team. Approximately eight minutes were devoted to the saga of Herrera, the Azteca TV journalist he allegedly neck-punched at the Philadelphia airport, the Mexican national team’s decision process, and hand-wringing over what may happen next with the team, also known as El Tri.

Univision viewers also learned of the imminent spike in cilantro futures due to the feces-induced FDA ban of Mexican cilantro imports, as well as the NFL’s suspension of quarterback Tom Brady. But still not a peep about the very graphic horrors that are documented in the scandalous Planned Parenthood videos.

One can only conclude that unfettered abortion-on-demand must also be part of News President Isaac Lee’s agenda “…for a more fair society, for a more inclusive society and for the Hispanic community to be better”. Planned Parenthood thinks just as highly of Univision, as evidenced by the “Maggie Award” (named for Planned Parenthood’s founder, the racist anti-Semite and anti-Hispanic Margaret Sanger) given last year to Univision’s Adriana Beorlegui for the network’s efforts in promoting ObamaCare to the nation’s Hispanic population.

That said, the Univision blackout goes beyond mere bias. The fact is that the Hispanic community is split on abortion, and the next stop in the Planned Parenthood parade of horribles is in Houston (many hours of videos of a Houston facility were handed over to the Texas Attorney General for investigation, and a related hearing was held yesterday in the Texas Senate). It is highly likely, given Houston’s demographics (44% Hispanic), that the next unfortunate 11-weeker to be shown as he or she is chop-shopped for Lambo money (as well as any potential whistleblower) is of Hispanic origin, which would then put Univision in the extremely uncomfortable position of having to do journalism, and memorializing the evil that unfolds before our very eyes.

Even then, at least Univision would have a say in the matter…which is more than I can say for the millions upon millions of innocents that have been butchered in the name of Sanger.

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