Anti-Christian Sports Talker: Russell Wilson Might be Gay

A Chicago Sports radio host believes there’s a strong chance Russell Wilson is gay. Wilson, somehow started a major media kerfuffle on Sunday when he announced that he wasn’t having sex with his pop singer girlfriend Ciara. Wilson explained the couple’s decision by saying that God told him to “guide” Ciara.

This greatly offends people in the sports media, for whom sex is rage and the thought of willfully abstaining from it outrageous.

Enter Chicago sports talk show host Dan Bernstein, co-host of “Boers & Bernstein” show on WSCR 670 The Score. Bernstein is no fan of Christian sports figures, having in 2012  called Tim Tebow fans “lunatic-fringe cultists,” and pronounced Tebow to be “little more than an affable simpleton.”

On Tuesday’s show, after fielding a question from a texter about whether or not God had told Russell Wilson to abstain from sex in his previous marriage. Boers and Bernstein suggested that the un-substantiated “dalliances” of Wilson’s first wife with members of his team, contributed to that marriage falling apart.

Then, as transcribed by Yahoo! Sports’ Eric Edholm:

“If you start to piece this all together, I think you come away with a pretty easy-to-reach conclusion here," he said. "The whole thing. Don't you? Don't you just wish he could feel comfortable enough to be a little more truthful with all of it?”

“I would just say, ‘Russell, it's OK. It's OK.’” After Boers seemed to miss Bernstein's point, Bernstein continued: "I don't think you're quite getting what I am getting at. Put the pieces together. The whole Russell Wilson thing — all of the artifice here. Everything that's going on. All the strangeness. All of the stuff with the first wife, and the discomfort there ... and this isn't a new pattern,” he said.

“And I understand there were times past where you felt you had to live a lie. This isn't that time. This is quite the opposite of that; you don't have to live a lie. You don't have to be artificial.”

"My point is this: With every day that goes by, we live in a world that is much more understanding and much more supportive and would just say, 'OK, that's cool and get on with the football.'

“I don't think this one is too tough. Based on the evidence presented. Do you have enough for Tom Cruise?”

Whether Bernstein actually suspects Wilson of homosexuality or he’s just having fun taking shots at a guy with the effrontery to live unashamedly as a Christian, this evidence is at least clear: Dan Bernstein is a man obsessed with the sex life of another man.

Come on, Dan. It’s OK, it’s OK.


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