Michael Moore: Republicans 'Trying to Kill as Many Americans as Possible'

March 19th, 2021 4:40 PM

Filmmaker Michael Moore, the anti-humanist himself, had the audacity to claim that Republicans are “trying to kill as many Americans as possible” on the March 17 episode of his “Rumble with Michael Moore” podcast. Such a ridiculous accusation is rich coming from the self-proclaimed socialist who practically revelled in the thought of millions of Republicans dying from the coronavirus by refusing to wear masks.

If you have the stomach to bear a 45 minute-long rant from Moore, you can hear it yourself at this timestamp, 42:21.

Moore has a long rap sheet of stupid, even malicious remarks. He loves to feign concern for humanity meanwhile dehumanizing half of the country for being Republican. As far as Moore is concerned, the entire state of Texas can perish, as they are undeserving of the “precious vaccine.” 

It's nothing personal, he just does not “love the racism and misogyny and most of your political beliefs,” as he previously said on Facebook while expressing faux concern about large numbers of Republicans dying off due to COVID. However, a large death toll for conservative Americans would be convenient for this madman’s bleak, Malthusian worldview. The toxic boomer also posted these incriminating words to his Facebook account:  “Look at it this way — if millions of you die off, that’s a lot less Republican voters — and that means we win every election from here on out! Do you want your loved ones who are left behind to be ruled by US?"

For him to say now that he is “for trying to make sure that as many of our fellow Americans get to live to see the summer and the fall” is disingenuous. It appears Moore’s goodwill extends only to those who share his radically left views. He continued by describing Republicans as “taking every opportunity they can to stop that from happening,” and that the message of their political party is “We’re trying to kill as many Americans as possible.”

This “Pillsbury Doughboy doppelganger” exhibits an astonishing degree of hypocrisy being himself a proponent of population control as well as a hater who has a death wish for patriots. Moore, a white male, once said “you should be afraid” of white people. This perspective is certainly the case in strict regard to Moore himself. Otherwise, it is an absurd and pernicious mentality. It is no wonder why he attributes Republicans with the intention of wanting “to stop black and brown people from voting” as their rationale for dissent in the H.R. 1 bill. 

Michael Moore is a wicked man who needs Republicans to die as badly as he needs Golden Corral to be open 24 hours.