'They Ripped My Daughter's Limbs off': Dad Shares Heartbreaking Story

June 27th, 2024 12:56 PM

Monday, June 22 marked the second anniversary of the Dobbs decision by the U.S. Supreme Court. MRCTV visited 'The Hill' in Washington D.C. and witnessed various pro-lifers and pro-aborts stand firm in their stance.

We encountered one man, Thomas Kearns, who shared the emotional story of his deceased daughter, Clementine.

She would’ve been born around Jul 20, 2024, but was tragically killed through abortion. Her mother, who Kearns confesses is grieving and in so much pain, was manipulated into thinking that aborting her baby was the only option when she doubted her skills as a mother.

“They ripped my daughter’s limbs off,” Kearns told us before adding, “It took her a minute to bleed to death. They ripped off her first leg and then they ripped off her second leg.”

You could hear the pain in his voice when telling the story.

“I talked to an abortion doctor and they told me that they [the babies] do make facial expressions, they open and close their mouth while their heart slowly dwindles,” Kearns said, “they suffer as they die.”

As a call to action, Kearns pleaded with society, “I’m begging society; please understand the developmental stages of a pre-born baby,” before noting how babies don’t deserve abortion. 

It was heartbreaking to hear Kearns and his daughter’s story, but hopefully the pro-aborts who protested for the mass destruction of babies, like Clementine in the womb, will hear it, understand what actually happens during an abortion and stop advocating for such an evil thing.