Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo Canceled for Wearing T-Shirt Where She’s Edited as Jesus

June 26th, 2024 2:36 PM

“Drivers License” and “Vampire” singer and pop star Olivia Rodrigo is face to face with cancel culture after putting on a t-shirt with herself photoshopped to look like Jesus on it.

At Rodrigo’s Barcelona, Spain stop on her “GUTS” tour, she was tossed the gift from one of her fans. On it is the word “Barcelona” in the colors of the country's flag. The shirt sparked controversy as it had Rodrigo’s head photoshopped onto the body of Jesus Christ.

When tossed the shirt, Rodrigo looked shocked and, without hesitation, put it on. She sat on stage with her lead guitarist and sang her song, “favorite crime.” Critics argue that her move affirms her support of being likened to none other than the Son of God.

@gliglixx OLIVIA CON LA T SHIRT DE BARCELONA. NO PUEDO CREER QUE ESTABA TAN CERCA 😍😭 #oliviarodrigo #livies #oliviarodrigosour #gutsworldtour #barcelona #spain #favoritecrime #concierto #guts #madrid #españa #spain ♬ sonido original - Gleiskel Lopez

She received so much backlash for the move because, if it wasn’t obvious, Olivia Rodrigo is NOT Jesus and it was sort of sacreligious to do what she did.

Fans, or I guess former fans now, shared their distaste with Rodrigo on social media. On TikTok, users called it blasphemy and said they were unliking and unadding all her songs on their Spotify playlists.

It’s unclear whether the fan made or just gifted Rodrigo the t-shirt, but there are now websites of the shirt available for purchase online.  

This isn’t the first time Rodrigo has turned heads with her anti-Christlike values. 

In March, she distributed Plan B pills, which can be an abortifacient, and has previously been very vocal about her support of abortion. As you’re aware, abortion is not in line with the Lord’s teachings.

Unfortunately, Rodrigo isn't alone when it comes to celebrities blaspheming God.

In November, pop star Sabrina Carpenter filmed a music video in a Roman Catholic Church in Brooklyn. In January, rapper Lil Nas X posted a TikTok video downing communion cups and munching on wafers in what looked like a church. He’s previously mocked Jesus by giving a Devil version of himself a lap dance and even released a song/music video called “J Christ,” where cultish scenes and blasphemy were integral components.

Rodrigo getting the shirt from a fan is one thing, but looking at it, realizing what it is and then putting it on is too far. I’m glad people are realizing that just because these people are celebrities, doesn’t mean they get to do and say whatever they please with no repercussions.