Gay Morning America: Queer Christians Finding Acceptance

June 24th, 2024 11:25 AM

During Monday Morning’s “Out Loud” segment of ABC's Good Morning America, Reporter Steve Osunsami talked about the intersection of pride and religion noting that some churches are becoming “more inclusive.”

“Surveys continue to show that are more Americans who are lesbian, gay, lgbtq+, who are religious, than many people would think,” Osunsami cheered.

The segment cut to a clip from the “I Tried To Be Straight Podcast” where hosts meet with “former church kids who are Christian and queer,” Osunasami noted  “the emotional conversations they’re bringing to their podcasts are happening in churches across the country.”

Osunasami brought up the recent move by United Methodist Churches this spring ending its ban on clergy who are part of the alphabet mob and recognizing homosexual marriage to be legitimate within the biblical constructs of marriage.

“We are claiming that we are a church where everyone belongs,” Bishop Tracy Malone said in a clip played by GMA which also highlighted a study that found that “nearly half of queer adults in the U.S. are religious.”

Malone, in a video interview with Osunsami, said that “what has changed is, number one, there have been more understanding around human sexuality and people [are] coming into a greater understanding of science and how that relates to how, you know, persons are born. That it’s not a choice for people.”

Uhh. False.

While the sinful struggle of being attracted to the same sex may be something people are “born with,” the choice to disobey the biblical teachings on sex and gender is an active decision. The sin isn’t the temptation, even Jesus, a perfect human, was tempted. The sin, according to the Bible, is the act and churches should not  allow, endorse and encourage said sinful acts.

GMA brought in Asya Coles, a “young, queer black person” who’s trying to become a minister and is currently with a group called “Pride in the Pews.” The group works to “provide black faith leaders with the tools and resources to create more affirming environments,” the group’s founder and executive director said.

The group goes into churches to essentially train black faith leaders on how to help their congregation be more accepting of LGBTQness in the church.

Coles noted that “God has me” and she just wants Him to love her. And he does! God loves despite sin but also wants His believers to follow the truths of scripture and repent when we fall short, not seek out people who affirm our sinful actions.

To conclude the screed on the intersection of "pride" and religion, Osunsami, noted that this does not come “without controversy.”

By some estimates, more than a million Methodists have left the Methodist church over some of these changes. On the other side of this coin, guys, there are many religious Americans who say that they’re walking away from their church because they feel that their ministry is too hostile towards gay and lesbian people.

To end the GMA clip of virtue signaling and pride propaganda, GMA hosts said “what a powerful and important story.”