‘My Fetus Dancing Right Before it Was Aborted’ Video Goes Viral

May 23rd, 2024 1:14 PM

This is not funny.

A 16-second video featuring a woman dancing is gaining traction online. No, not because she was in a scandalous outfit or was an incredible dancer, but because she captioned the video: “my fetus dancing right before it was aborted.”

Yes, these kind of people exist.

The video was originally posted by a girl who goes by the user name “abortioncounselor.” Her bio on TikTok reads “that girl that gets abortions.” Her whole account is flooded with pro-abortion messaging from evil jokes to personal experiences and stories from the numerous abortions the woman has received.

The woman confidently danced to the song "Blueface" by Thotiana.

Here are the lyrics she selected to dance to and post on the internet for her 131,000 TikTok followers.

F**k clappin' back, b**ch, I'm clappin' on the d**k (On the dick)

Bust it, bust it, I'm a savage (I'm a savage)

B**ch, throw it back like a 10-Year Challenge (Woo!)

Take him to the crib, then I push him on the sofa (Sofa)

Have his breath smellin’ like p**sy and mimosas (Ah, ah, ah)

So no, decency isn’t her strong suit.

In one recent post on the woman’s TikTok she posted images of herself in the mirror saying she was 36-weeks pregnant. Now, she was very clearly not pregnant and was thus joking around, but her next two captions were a glimpse into the kind of person this chick is.

“Should I keep it?” she asked before writing “or get an abortion?”

In response to the dancing fetus video, users on X are disgusted and disturbed by the woman.

“This is unbelievably disturbing behavior. Abortion is wrong. But celebrating abortion is next level evil and depraved,” someone commented. “Disgusting people who have no value for life” another noted, while one more said she was “a deranged psychopath.”

I have my own conclusions about this lady, but for now, I think what’s most important for her and the next baby she plans to abort is for us to pray that she has a radical encounter with Jesus and she changes the direction of her life.