LEAKED Bombshell Report Reveals How Harmful Transgender ‘Care’ Really Is

March 6th, 2024 5:08 PM

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) internal files were leaked on Tuesday night and indicated that transgender medicine that is encouraged by WPATH is neither scientific nor medical. WPATH, which is “globally recognized as being at the forefront of gender medicine,” has formerly been a trusted group for medical advice. Thousands of doctors worldwide, as well as the American Medical Association (AMA), The Endocrine Society and the American Academy of Pediatrics rely on WPATH’s authority and leadership, and the contents of these files expose how detrimental transgender care is and how WPATH has a, now not so secret, agenda. 

These files are huge when it comes to the fight against the transgender regime.

A report released about the files is titled “Pseudoscientific Surgical And Hormonal Experiments on Children, Adolescents, And Vulnerable Adults.” The report shows images of many internal conversations, while exposing many instances of injuries as a result of gender affirming “care,” including sterilization, a loss of sexual function, tumors in the liver and even death.

“These internal communications reveal that WPATH advocates for many arbitrary medical practices, including hormonal and surgical experimentation on minors and vulnerable adults. Its approach to medicine is consumer-driven and pseudoscientific, and its members appear to be engaged in political activism, not science,” Mia Hughes, author of the report, indicated, later adding that “gender-affirming care” is “unethical medical experiments” and “causes harm without justification.”

Michael Shellenberger, founder and president of Environmental Progress, published the report in conjunction with Hughes.

“At a moral level, we feel duty-bound to publish the WPATH Files and do everything within our power to encourage as wide an audience as possible to access them. We believe they show that WPATH is neither a scientific nor medical organization and should not be treated as one,” he said in the report.

Now onto the juice of why that is. Environmental Progress included screenshots of internal communications with WPATH members within the last four years where individuals discuss numerous cases and how to handle them. This is a summary of the cases within the files:

  • In one, doctors discussed giving a 14-year-old a vaginoplasty to get his penis turned into a vagina. 
  • Another file proves WPATH members proceeding with treatments even when they did “not know the outcome.”
  • A conversation from October 2021 compared gender surgeries to a cis-gender person getting lip plumping procedures. Obviously, those are completely different things.
  • One discussion between WPATH members was about a patient who had experienced trauma and was struggling emotionally which made a doctor hesitant to start hormones. Other WPATH members encouraged the doctor to proceed. “Why the internal struggle as to the ‘right thing to do,’” a doctor asked. 
  • Similarly, regarding another patient with mental illnesses like bipolar disorder and autism or schizoaffective disorder, doctors insisted that “in general, mental illness is not a reason to withhold needed medical care from clients.” Obviously gender affirming “care” is not “needed” but WPATH fails to acknowledge that. 
  • Another instance talked about a patient’s urethral ejaculate following a vaginoplasty. Essentially the patient was ejaculating when “she” orgasmed and was bothered by it. Some doctors suggested the male to female trans patient get her prostate removed and deal with “all the possible consequences that it comes with.”
  • A discussion from December 2021 talked about a 16-year-old transgender male who developed two liver tumors after suppressing her estrogen and taking testosterone. Doctors confirmed that they were prepared to continue on with top surgery and other treatments regardless of the tumors.
  • One more detrimental case revolved around a 17-year-old transgender teen who decided to de-transition after feeling “brainwashed” into transgender treatment that permanently changed her body. Other doctors sort of dismissed the teen’s struggle and insisted that the word “brainwashing” was just linked with right-wingers who were anti-trans. 
  • Another thread linked to an article indicating that 47.2% of cis-gender women regret getting breast augmentation. Regardless, WPATH members decided it best to carry on with such procedures. “As you know, acknowledgement that de-transition exists to even a minor extent is considered off limits for many in our community,” one doctor insisted in order to shut down the conversation. 
  • One doctor admitted in November 2021 that many de-transitioners felt rushed. “All report that feeling,” the doctor wrote before nothing that “The hormonal and surgical interventions now so easily available to young, impulsive, mentally and cognitively unstable youth are being funded (in some countries, publically) and advocated by registered health professionals, ‘framed’ as ‘life-saving’ when, to my knowledge, this claim is based on very loosely drawn conclusions from very weak data.” He also added, “I fear that rates of regret of gender transition, especially as it relates to future sexual health and fertility, in adults who make these irreversible decisions at such a young age may, in fact, be even higher.” Regarding the same conversation thread, another doctor commented “I do think the number who detransition is small and should not mean we have done something ‘wrong,’” while others called studies of de-transitioners “inferior” and said they make trans kids suffer more.
  • Other conversations exposed doctors for their willingness to proceed with puberty blockers on a 10-year-old knowing that they may stunt the child’s growth and development.
  • One file shows a doctor asking about the degree to which, if any, medical providers fully obtain “informed consent.” Essentially the doctor wanted to know whether or not to include all the potential complications of transgender surgeries before proceeding or just cherry pick a few so that the patient isn’t scared of treatment risks and complications. 
  • Other conversations insisted that insurance companies who requested multiple letters requesting and referring a patient to transgender treatments were “gatekeeping” and one more showed a doctor asking for advice on how to circumvent an insurance policy after it denied a request for transgender treatment.

To make matters worse, WPATH members admit to knowing that many children and parents are unaware of the effects that these practices have on their bodies, yet members still advocate for and perform them.

You’ll have to read the files yourself to get the full scope of how willing members of WPATH were to skirt around ethics in order to conduct these transgender treatments because, honestly, the situation is heartbreaking.

NewsNation reported on the findings of the files on Tuesday and even shared clips where WPATH members spoke about cases and issues surrounding transitioning children.

The report's authors and publishers who condemned WPATH are calling on the government to investigate WPATH and how those involved are violating the hippocratic oath.

The report about WPATH concluded as such:

As this report has shown, WPATH is not a medical organization. It is not engaged in a scientific quest to discover the best possible way to help vulnerable individuals who are suffering from gender-related distress. Instead, it is a fringe group of activist clinicians and researchers masquerading as a medical group, advocating for a reckless hormonal and surgical experiment to be performed on some of the most vulnerable members of society.

WPATH needs to be held accountable for its brutal destruction of innocent lives and its manipulation of vulnerable people. Transgender treatment is not “care” in any way, shape or form and until that is widely acknowledged, more and more lives are being permanently ruined or ended by people who prioritize a political agenda over actual medical help.

The unbelievable admissions in these files are more important than most people can grasp or are even willing to pay attention to.