6 Pro-Lifers Face Up to 11 Years in Jail for Protesting Abortion

January 31st, 2024 3:58 PM

Welcome to America, where you get in trouble if you don’t think babies should be slaughtered.

On Tuesday, six different pro-lifers were found guilty by the Department of Justice (DOJ) after they took part in a peaceful protest at an abortion facility in Tennessee a few years ago. The protestors were singing hymns and praying outside of the facility and now face up to 11-years-of prison each, according to The Daily Wire

On March 5, 2021, a group of demonstrators gathered in a hallway outside of the Mount Juliet abortion clinic. While there, the group sang songs like “Holy, Holy, Holy,” “It is Well with My Soul,” and “Amazing Grace,” and read Bible verses, one of which from Psalm 91 about being covered in the Lord’s protection. The group also enlightened women seeking abortions that there were other options than to kill their child in utero.

In October of 2022, 11 activists who were involved were charged with blocking the abortion center. And, on Tuesday, six of them were found guilty for “conspiracy against rights” and violating Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE).

Steve Crampton from the Thomas Moore Society Senior Counsel that’s representing Paul Vaughin, one of the six protestors, insisted that they would appeal the verdict.

This was a peaceful demonstration by entirely peaceable citizens—filled with prayer, hymn-singing, and worship—oriented toward persuading expecting mothers not to abort their babies. Unfortunately, the Biden Department of Justice decided to characterize Paul Vaughn’s peaceful actions as a felony ‘conspiracy against rights,’ to intimidate and punish Paul and other pro-life people and people of faith.

The six individuals are set to be sentenced on July 2, according to The Daily Wire.

In response to the news, users on X were stunned.

“Biden administration shows they hate nobody more than those who would protect life as 6 pro-lifers are convicted and face 11 years in prison for trying to stop women from slaughtering their babies,” one user wrote.

“The US is now a police state,” another indicated.

One more pointed out how hypocritical the justice system is and wrote how crazy it was that these protestors were found guilty.

“But in Obama’s America Antifa/BLM rioters can burn down a federal police building & no charges whatsoever,” the user wrote.

This verdict came the same week that another religious protestor was charged with a “hate crime” after he took down a Satanic statue. 

It’s incredibly obvious that our government is targeting Christians and pro-religious or pro-life values and attempting to make those groups out as the villains.