VP Harris Claps for Couple Who Traveled for an Abortion

January 23rd, 2024 4:54 PM

Clapping for the loss of an innocent life isn’t a good look.

On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke in Waukesha County, Wisconsin to kick off a series of events she has planned to highlight abortion restrictions. During the event, Harris asked the audience to applaud the so-called “courage” one couple had to kill their child in the womb.

“In a state whose motto is, 'Forward,' these extremists are trying to take us backward — but we're not having that,” Harris said at the first stop of her “Reproductive Freedom” tour.

At the event she also took the opportunity to bash former President Donald Trump for his pro-life moves while he was in office.

“The former president handpicked three Supreme Court justices because he intended for them to overturn Roe," Harris said. "It is a decision he brags about. How dare he!"

Harris continued to call those who want life to be valued, spared and respected “extremists.” Of course, the ones who want to rip apart a baby, limb by limb, in the womb aren’t the extremists! No, they’re the ones advocating for freedom according to Harris and many of the left.

What was most striking was when Harris applauded a baby being aborted. She began talking about one woman named Megan who’s child was diagnosed with a genetic disorder in utero. 

“Megan had to leave the state where she calls home,” Harris said, “to save her life.” 

Harris was sure not to expound on what exactly was wrong with the baby but instead insisted that an abortion was absolutely necessary.

Yet many genetic conditions, one being down syndrome, is not life threatening to a mother or her child in utero. But having a disabled child isn’t ideal for the left, so they pretend they “need” abortions to elevate anything less than their idea of "perfect."

That logic is evil and so was Harris’ next move.

“Megan and her husband John are here with us today and in front of all the friends, let us applaud them for their courage,” Harris said. “Can we please applaud them?”

The pro-abort audience erupted in applause and shouts of praise. But, users on X were disturbed by her move. 

“What a ghoulish response — to applaud such a grotesque thing, a child-killing,” one user wrote.

“She will not be clapping when she stands before God and everyone that enjoys killing babies,” another wrote.

A few more agreed, adding that Harris’ “afterlife will be very warm,” and “The demons are anticipating clapping at her torments in Hell.”

At one point in her speech Harris insisted that since Roe’s overturn, “women have been robbed of a fundamental freedom,” yet she never considered or cared to admit the fact that babies who are aborted are being robbed of their most basic fundamental freedom - the right to life.