Trans High Schooler Dominates Women's Basketball. How is This Fair?

January 12th, 2024 10:50 AM

A video of a transgender female, aka male, basketball player at a California high school is gaining traction online. The player is the captain of the women’s team at San Francisco Waldorf High School, and the decision of the school to allow this to happen has been blasted on social media. 

The male student jumped significantly higher than the female he was up against during the tip off of a game. He even jumped a bit more horizontally compared to the female and was able to, very easily, direct the basketball in his favor. His biological female opponent didn’t even touch the ball. 

An account called Women Are Real posted the video and mentioned how “everyone knows” how unfair the situation is. 

Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, who went up against transgender athlete Lia (Richard) Thomas, wrote, “The boy is the captain of the women’s team. This is in California. Who’s surprised by either of those statements?”

One user insisted that having a male on a women’s team is “dangerous.” 

This is dangerous. Men can hit that ball so hard it will smash a face wide open if hit. Watching men’s volleyball I would never want to be on the receiving end. It would be more like dodge ball. Men do not belong in women’s sports, Period.

Others said things like, “he failed as a male athlete,” and “he’s a cheat.

I mean, yeah. This kid’s got a clear advantage over everyone else on his team and over his opponents. It isn’t fair or safe for him to be on the team, let alone be the captain of it.

Other than the clear advantage the kid has physically, the fact that he’s a male caused other repercussions as well. 

Last week, the school was apparently set to compete against another team, the Averroes High School girls varsity basketball team, but the event was canceled.

“While the school has not provided comment on the reason why the sudden forfeiture took place, the decision was reportedly the result of the institution being made aware that a male player was participating on the Waldorf girls’ team,” Reduxx reported.

Averroes High School is an Islamic school and Reduxx indicated that some reports point out that there may have been “hesitancy to compete against Waldorf" because of "religious objections regarding the Muslim girls risking physical contact with the male player.”

On Thursday, numerous activists in the movement to protect women’s sports held a rally with the group “Our Bodies Our Sports” outside of the 2024 NCAA convention in Phoenix, Arizona. They were protesting allowing these trans advantages at the collegiate level, but now it appears that high school sports may need some changes as well.