Nebraska Teen Slits Son's Throat, Reddit User Blames Lack of Abortion Access

November 16th, 2023 3:33 PM

The left will really say or do anything to support a woman’s “right” to murder her kid. 

Earlier this month, a Nebraska teenager was arrested and has been charged with murder after slitting her newborn baby’s throat and stabbing him in the chest. Now, a reddit user is claiming she killed her son because she wasn’t able to get an abortion. 

On November 6, police responded to a call from the girl’s home. When they arrived, the girl’s father told officers “that it was too late,” according to Star Herald, a local Nebraska news outlet. 

When officers entered the bedroom of the crime scene, they found the teen by the door and her mother sobbing while holding the infant. An officer grabbed the infant to administer first aid and noticed “that the infant’s throat had been cut through the windpipe and that the infant had been stabbed several times on the left side of the chest," per reports.

The teen reportedly had asked her mother to go to the store to purchase pads, saying she was experiencing a “heavy flow” period. “Heavy flow” is one way to describe giving birth.

When the mother returned, she found a large amount of blood on the floor and wall of the teen’s bedroom and said that the teen admitted having killed the baby with a kitchen knife. The father of the teen located his deceased grandson in a closet. 

The girl underwent a surgery at a nearby hospital and on Thursday was arraigned on charges. She’s being held without bond. 

While you and I can see that this is clearly a case of a messed up teen who blatantly and brutally murdered her living child, at least one idiot attempted to accuse pro-life laws of being the reason for this tragedy. 

“I feel bad for her,” a user commented via a reddit post. “I doubt she was offered abortion and probably had to listen to her whole life to ‘abortion is murder’ nonsense. And then after going through horrific traumatizing agony her reward was a screaming lump of meat driving her into panic and anxiety.”

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“An abortion would have prevented this,” the user wrote before ending with “Legalize abortion, normalize abortion, ‘Pro-life’ rhetoric is murder.”

Man oh man, I didn’t know that there could be someone this idiotic on the internet. 

The teen needs psychological help - and a lot of it - but abortion wouldn’t have stopped the murder of the innocent little baby. Abortion would have taken the life of the innocent soul, just as the teenager did. Some Twitter users shared my flabbergasted sentiment in their comments on a screenshot of the reddit post. 

“If it needs to be normalized that means it isn’t normal,” one wrote. Others wrote what the reddit user’s thought process may have been by sarcastically writing, “Baby murder would have prevented this baby murder!" Another commented similarly by saying, “She was forced to kill her baby because Republicans wouldn't let her kill her baby...this actually makes sense to them.”

These users are spot on. The girl is a murderer and prison is exactly where she belongs. Abortion would have just made her a murderer earlier.

Loose abortion restrictions aren’t going to do anything in this world except normalize the murder of innocent babies. 

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