Transgender Swimming Category Canceled At World Cup After Nobody Enters

October 4th, 2023 11:25 AM

Transgender people only want to compete in races when they think they can dominate. 

The open category that was set up to accommodate transgender swimmers who wanted to swim in the World Cup race was canceled after nobody entered the race. 

The competition was set to start in Berlin on Friday but, according to World Aquatics, as reported by Sky News, there were no entries. 

The category was created to accommodate those swimmers who choose to live a delusional sense of identity. As you’re well aware by now, there's been a growing trend of transgender women, aka biological men, entering female competitions under the guise of their fake identity. Physically, men have an advantage over women and biological men competing with and as women is unsafe and unfair. 

This category was set up to alleviate that, supposedly. 

But, transgender athletes didn’t enter the race. I mean, if they were positioned against people of similar abilities, they wouldn’t rank as well as if they competed against people with significant disadvantages. It makes sense honestly. 

Sharron Davies, a former British Olympic swimmer posted on social media, “If trans women aren’t going to get the physical benefit of racing females instead of others males, they’re not interested.”

Users on Twitter shared the sentiment.

Oli London, an advocate against gender ideology, said that trans people didn’t enter as a way of a “protest.” Another user brought up how “It's almost as though it wasn't about having an opportunity to ‘play sport’...” I mean yeah. It’s not that these people wanted the chance to compete. It’s that they wanted the chance to have an advantage over others and win. That’s why they were competing!

A UK based broadcaster said, “Is anyone surprised? Trans only want to compete against women because they have an unfair advantage and one more user summed up the situation well when he tweeted the following:

If you needed proof that #transwomen want special and not equal rights/opportunities they were given an open category but no one signed up because they only want to invade women's spaces/sports because they're just mediocre males.

It’s true! I mean take Richard (Lia) Thomas who was ranked a woeful 462nd in men's swimming and then reinvented himself as a “girl” in order to rank better. 

I guess if trans people want to compete in sports, they’re just going to have to accept reality and compete according to their actual gender. That, or suck it up and be the bad athletes that we know they are.