Tax-Funded Program Pairs Kids With Gay & Trans Adult 'Mentors' Online

September 25th, 2023 2:43 PM

Ah great! Another teacher looking to indoctrinate kids!

Professor Katie Edwards from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln created a program for students who are struggling with gender confusion or homosexual inclinations to be matched with adults who suffer from the same delusions as part of a "mentorship" program. 

The College Fix reported on Edwards' indoctrination attempt in a piece Monday, citing a pilot program she created to pair up gay teens with gay adults for online mentoring sessions using $203,050 from the taxpayer-funded National Institutes of Health.

According to the grant summary, this mentoring program is different from other programs as this one doesn’t require parental consent for minors to participate, as opposed to other programs that “often require guardian permission,” the College Fix noted. Edwards' program will also be via eHealth as opposed to in-person. 

Now, where will these new victims of indoctrination come from, you may ask? Online, of course. Edwards’ pilot program will “recruit” 140 LGBTQ children from social media and give half of them a gay mentor, while the other half remains on a waiting list as part of the control group. 

So 70 young kids who are already experiencing delusions will chat with adults online about their confusion. The adults will then likely make the children more confused and cause them to fall further into the LGBTQ trap. 

If this doesn’t scream RED FLAG, I don’t know what does. 

Nathanael Blake, an ethicist at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, noticed these flags and told The College Fix the following: 

Deliberately pairing adult strangers with children without parental knowledge, let alone consent, is a bad idea especially because these adult mentors are to be recruited online and are apparently not required to have any special training or skills other than a transgender identity. 

Encouraging children to transition is encouraging them to engage in self-harm … puberty blockers, wrong-sex hormones and surgical transition [which] are all physically damaging. Furthermore, transition does not address the underlying reasons why a child hates his or her body.

This program is a direct attempt to place a wedge between parents and children and allow groomers to fill the space in-between.