Seattle Public Schools Offer FREE ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ For Kids 10 and Up

July 21st, 2023 4:16 PM

If your 10-year-old son wants to get his penis chopped off, Seattle public schools might be the place to start.

Public schools in Seattle, Washington are reportedly now offering “gender affirming care” for children as young as 10, for FREE! Naturally, parents are peeved. 

The Daily Mail reported on documents obtained by Parents Defending Education (PDE) this week,  which revealed that Country Doctor Community Health Centers, which provide hormone therapy and sex-change surgeries for adolescents, are setting up camp in both Meany Middle School and Nova High School in Seattle.

The facility claims its mission “is to promote health in transgender, non-binary and gender diverse communities through ensuring equal access to gender-affirming medications and procedures,” according to the Daily Mail. The centers provide hormone therapy, puberty blockers for kids who’ve already started puberty, and referrals for surgical procedures like vaginoplasties and chest reductions

In layman's terms, what these centers really do are feed mental health issues with more delusion and lies, all while permanently altering children’s bodies - and lives - in detrimental ways. And now they're in tax-funded public schools. 

The schools' wellness centers are integrating these services into everyday primary care and insist that any "care" they provide to students will be billed to insurance companies. But for students at Nova High School, students and families without insurance will also be able to access services and treatment. 

The news about the clinics came right around the time that the Seattle Public School District implemented a policy stating that a student's “gender identity” at school may be kept from their parents. While the district's policy isn't clear on whether these medical procedures could also take place without parental consent, the fact that parental sign-off it isn’t mentioned is worrisome. 

I’m not alone in that sentiment. One parent said this was “a whole new level of awful and terrifying for schools to be involved” in medically "transitioning" kids. Another parent, who is a former teacher herself, pointed out how students are already behind academically due to the pandemic and noted how much the schools overstepped during the heat of COVID-19. The fact that schools are now not only going to enable but also encourage kids to live transgender lifestyles is another sign of overstepping. 

“Schools aren’t parents, and they aren’t doctor offices,” investigative fellow Alex Nester stated. “The combination of the district’s parental exclusion policies, and its provision of dubious medical interventions to change a child’s sex, creates a really troubling situation for Seattle families.”

It’s heartbreaking to see how far the left will go to target kids with their agenda, and it's even worse to watch it happening in places we used to trust with our kids. If you needed another reminder to homeschool, this is it.