CBS Downgrades Women to ‘Menstruators,’ Period Products Should Be ‘Gender-Inclusive’

July 6th, 2023 11:21 AM

Women don’t even get to be called women anymore. They’ve been demoted to “menstruators.”

On Thursday’s CBS Mornings, the CEO of period product company August joined the show to talk about her organization and its core values/goals. CEO Nadya Okamoto was proud to create a “gender-inclusive” brand for all types of people who get their periods … women, men and everything in between.

Supposedly, Okamoto noticed period poverty when she was just a teenager, but couldn’t find an organization that worked to alleviate it. Now, after ten years working to “stop the stigma around periods” and make products more accessible, Okamoto’s being praised for her products that share both pro and anti-science messaging. 

“Periods make human life possible and it’s potentially one of the most natural biological processes of life,” she claimed.

Yet, in the same segment, she claimed that anyone could get their period.

Okamoto explained that August is a “period positive, gender-inclusive brand” adding, “On the back [of the package] it says we’re here for everyone who menstruates. And I think especially in this age of transphobia it really means a lot to us to be proudly a gender-inclusive brand.”

Yeah, because don’t forget, biological girls get their periods even if they’re pretending to be boys.

Unironically, the chyron on the segment read “rethinking feminine hygiene.” Perhaps next time producers will rethink the chyron since females are merely “menstruators” now. Although, “rethinking menstruation hygiene” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. 

In response to a clip of this exchange, one user stated the message that host Gayle King and the rest of the hosts were, in a sense, insisting, “We’ll simply refer to you as a biological function of your sex, while denouncing that sex matters at all.”

Essentially, 'let’s embolden women and let them know that periods aren’t dirty or gross but at the same time tell women that they’re so irrelevant that they can’t even be called women anymore.' The paradox is mind boggling! Albeit 19th century women’s suffrage protests are rolling in their graves. 

This was part of CBS Mornings’s series called “Changing The Game,” which Kind stated supposedly aims to highlight “extraordinary women who are making a difference.”

I wonder what King wants to be referred as since she likely doesn’t get her period anymore and can’t be called a “menstruator.” And the other dudes on the segment…what should we call them? Semen producers?

You see how bonkers this seems?! This says bye to the concept of feminism entirely and has a common sense rating of zero.