‘General Hospital’ Star Compares DeSantis to Hitler Amid Pornographic Book Bans

March 9th, 2023 4:42 PM

Everyone knows that Ron DeSantis doesn’t support kids reading about sex, gender surgeries or porn in elementary school…celebs need to get over it already. 

The latest attack on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ (R) anti-porn for kids policies came from ABC’s "General Hospital" actress, Nancy Lee Grahn, who compared DeSantis to the late, genocidal German dictator Adolf Hitler. As a matter of fact, Grahn claimed that DeSantis “will end up making Hitler seem nice.”

During a Wednesday press conference titled, "Exposing the Book Ban Hoax," DeSantis played a video that detailed some of the pornographic books in Florida schools just before he gave his speech. 

A portion of that video was tweeted out by The Recount.

In the clip, a narrator read through a few pages of a highly pornographic book called “Flamer.” The book is in comic style with images and text bubbles. On one page, a group of boys is showering together and one gets an erection. In another section of the book, a group of boys masturbate together and “are pressured to ejaculate into a bottle.”

Another book, “Let’s Talk About It,” devoted an entire section with extremely graphic images about how to masturbate for male and females and even a section about anal sex.

The video gave a few more examples of the pornographic books that were found in Florida schools and presented the question, “Are these ideologically driven books an appropriate use of taxpayer money?” 

Obviously not. These books are disgusting and have no place being in schools or around children whatsoever. But leave it to a freakin' celeb to get out of her own lane and put her two-sense in. 

Well that’s quite the reach you have there, Nancy. 

So the guy who doesn’t think kids should read about anal sex and about how to "flog the dolphin" is worse than the guy who orchestrated the murder of six million Jewish people. 

Murdering six million people is a horrible, evil and vile act. Removing books that teach about sexually explicit content to children is a good act. They're not remotely the same, and really, they're not even comparable. 

To take it a step further, Grahn tweeted a video of a teacher playing a trumpet with some outlandish accusations about DeSantis. 

She also recently called former Republican Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and actor/director Mel Gibson anti-semitic and pieces of s**t, called Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) a “cluster of unfortunate cells”, and said Fox News host Tucker Carlson was lying about the video evidence that was released.

I'm just gonna 'LOL' at those takes.

This chick really just likes insulting people she doesn’t agree with. She needs to get a life. Perhaps the only thing she’s good at really is just staying on a soap opera box.