Paris Hilton Welcomes Beautiful Son, Still Celebrates Past Abortion

February 24th, 2023 3:47 PM

The hypocrisy of these people is unreal. 

Paris Hilton, professional diva, announced the arrival of her son, Phoenix, via surrogate last month. This month however, she’s made headlines showing her support for abortion. 

Go figure. 

Hilton was Glamor UK’s cover story and took the opportunity to tout her support of abortion and her disappointment that Roe v. Wade was overturned this summer. 

“I think it is important,” she said in the interview. “There’s just so much politics around it and all that, but it’s a woman’s body… Why should there be a law based on that? It’s your body, your choice and I really believe in that,” as reported by The Independent.

Hmm. Paris, honey, I know you dropped out of high school but it doesn’t take a biologist to recognize that when a woman is pregnant, we’re dealing with two separate bodies. Maybe however she actually doesn’t understand that though. After all, her baby was born from another woman. 

“It’s mind-boggling to me that they’re making laws about what you do with your reproductive health, because if it were the other way around with the guys, it would not be this way at all,” Hilton added to her already dumb take. 

Hilton also mentioned how she herself had an abortion in her 20s and that she was hesitant to talk about it as “there was so much shame around” it.

While abortion is murder, the good news here is that there is grace and forgiveness in this world and people can change. Unfortunately however, that’s not what happened with Hilton who is still celebrating baby death even after seeing the beautiful miracle that is her son. 

What’s really disappointing is that Hilton is using her massive platform to advocate for more baby deaths instead of using it for something good. 

Welcome to Hollywood’s best.