GROSS: CNN Is Thrilled Connecticut Church Used Drag Show For Missions Fundraiser

February 9th, 2023 3:54 PM

CNN is doing its part for the drag queen lobby.

The network's Erica Hill did a puff segment Thursday morning with Reverend Todd Vetter and Jonathan Hamilt, Executive Director of Drag Story Hour, to protest the GOP-backed legislation that aims to protect kids from the obscenity of drag shows. In a roughly six-minute exchange on live TV, the trio spewed lies and woke propaganda about the need for drag in kids' lives -- and in the lives of Christians.

Vetter, of the First Congregational Church of Madison, Connecticut, put on a drag bingo event to raise money for his youth group to attend a mission trip to build homes for people. Naturally, he received some backlash but he kept it up He claimed it wasn’t a “political statement” and insisted it was to signal that his church was an “open and affirming” place.



Vetter said the experience was “an affirmation of who we are as a church, how we think about the commandment to love our neighbor and I think it, whatever lessons the community has taken away from this is -- I think, positive -- but it is a great affirmation for us of who we are and who we are called to be.”

So his flock is called to hang around with perverts?

While the Bible does say to love our neighbor and that we are not to judge others, it also commands us to walk as Jesus would. If Jesus were running a church in the U.S. today, he wouldn’t be using men in dress-up clothes and wearing boob attachments to raise money for a youth mission trip. Vetter is enabling drag behavior and exposing kids to it.

Hill asked Hamilt, a queer who called himself a “survivor of conversion therapy,” to explain what exactly a drag show is and why they should be so widely accepted. “Yeah, I mean, drag story hour is exactly what it sounds like. It is drag story tellers who read children's books in libraries or places where there is a story hour like you have been to, but somebody who is a little bit more fabulous reading,” he said.

Fact check: Most regular story-hour’s don’t and shouldn't have men with fake boobs wearing short skirts and makeup.

He claimed that people who are in opposition of kids being in spaces with drag queens are simply homophobic and transphobic. 

Hill then went on a tangent bashing the Republican-introduced law that would help protect kids from the immorality at drag shows. The law indicates that parents may be charged if they bring their kids to drag events, as they should, as well as insists that restaurants and bars that host the drag shows to register as sexually oriented businesses ... I mean, duh. 

The bill isn’t “anti-drag,” but instead is “pro-child.” If you want to dress up in drag, go ahead, you’re a freak but not hurting anyone but yourself. But the second drag and children intersect or enter into the same place, a thick line needs to be drawn. 

Kids should not be exposed to drag. Period. 

At the end of the segment Hill encouraged viewers to take a look at Vetter’s message so they too can learn why it’s important to incorporate drag queens in their biblical sermons at church. 

CNN anchor Jim Sciutto was in absolute agreement and was “so glad” to witness the “great” interview. 

CNN just reached a whole other level of cringe.