Penn State Professor Encourages Students: ‘Watch Gay Porn’

January 13th, 2023 12:24 PM

If you’re looking at colleges for yourself or your kids, get Penn State off your list.

Longtime sociology professor Sam Richards led a discussion titled “A Conversation on Trans Issues, TERFS, and The Binary” in his sociology class where he encouraged students to “watch gay porn.” Richards was apparently attempting to encourage students to understand “new sides to their sexuality,” as the Daily Mail put it. 

Footage of the December lesson was posted on Richards' YouTube channel but has since been made private. Fox News Digital reported on the incident however and covered Richards' comments. 

“If you’re straight, watch gay or lesbian porn and see how quickly you feel aroused - and how you can’t control that,” he began. He also called out the male students when he said “You’ll realize that, ‘Oh, damn, I could be sexualized by people who are like me."' 

First of all, ew. Second of all, groomer? 

To make matters worse, yes he did indeed make matters worse. Richards encouraged students to “Watch gay porn,” to possibly open up feelings of homosexuality. “If you feel that feeling, look in a mirror, and say: ‘Huh, maybe I’m just feeling some things that I’m just afraid to release, and maybe, you release that -- and maybe you’d be surprised that maybe you actually are fine being more bisexual.'”

Dude needs chill. 

There have been tons of extensive studies on the effects of pornography that lean way more negative than positive. Not to mention the negative effects of living life as a person who is told to question their gender and just about everything else about them. 

He reportedly also offered advice to the women on how to urinate standing up after telling a story about one of his former students who was transgender. He suggested that the girls use a “little piece of leather” that folds up and then forms into a makeshift penis to more easily direct a woman's urine into the toilet bowl. 

How this man has his tenure, I don’t know. Oh wait, maybe it’s because the school sees no problem in his so-called “elective” class. 

Since the video stirred controversy, the school has maintained its support of Richards and told that “academic freedom for faculty” is needed to facilitate “critical thinking and discussion” among students. 

If schools at the collegiate level allow something like this, who’s to say they won’t allow it in high school, or middle school or trickle into elementary school too? They're already getting filthy books into grade and middle school libraries. If his behavior isn’t called out for its evil nature then people are going to keep pushing and pushing the boundaries of what is “appropriate classroom discussion” and younger and younger students are going to be affected.