‘CBS Mornings’ Celebrates Mobile Abortion Clinics, Barely Mentions Pro-Life Side

November 2nd, 2022 2:56 PM

Baby on board? Not for long.

On Wednesday’s CBS Mornings, co-host and Democratic donor Gayle King introduced Planned Parenthood's new “solution” to abortion bans — mobile abortion clinics. Though CBS did include the perspective of one pro-lifer, the overall climate of the clip is a celebration of the mobile baby morgues. 

Reporter Adriana Diaz traveled to Illinois to get a closer look at the mobile abortion clinics and CBS made her report a “broadcast exclusive.”



The report started with audible cheering as the RV pulls up. Diaz said that Planned Parenthood employees called the RV “an act of activism.”

Sure, the form that promotes baby killing.

“It looks very much like a regular brick-and-mortar health center for us,” Dr. Colleen McNicholas, the Planned Parenthood medical officer told Diaz. 

Diaz then proceeded to note that the clinic bounces up and down since it's — ya know — on wheels. 

Seems safe enough to conduct surgeries though … I guess? 

After all, CBS did call abortion “care” in its chyron. 

Diaz mentioned that the “clinic” will be parked near the border of Missouri by the end of the year to provide medical abortions to women seeking to terminate their pregnancies and will provide surgical abortions (yes, the ones where they suck the baby out limb by limb) sometime next year.

I'll give props to Diaz for this next section where she said “We are in Illinois where abortion is legal. Is providing abortion to women in Missouri where it is illegal undermining Missouri law?”

McNicholas dodged the question and simply replied, “You know, our priority is making sure that the constituents who have been left behind in those states have access to basic health care.”  AKA “we don’t care if it’s legal or not.”

The left has its talking points because they all say the same things.

To CBS’s credit, Diaz did interview Sam Lee after she blamed him for his role in shutting down abortion clinics.

Lee said, “We think it's very irresponsible for planned parenthood to try to solicit Missouri women. When a woman has a complication, where can she go back to to get help when that abortion van is gone?”

I suppose if a woman starts bleeding out on the RV, staff can just literally kick her to the curb. 

Lee also mentioned that he would prefer resources going to pregnancy centers and housing help for women in Missouri, and I couldn’t agree more. 

Money spent to save women and children is much better than an RV aimed to kill but, this is the left we're dealing with.

Well, the pro-life spotlight was short-lived. CBS switched back to the RV. Diaz mentioned the security features the RV would have including a security guard and cameras. She said nothing about the safety of the women inside, however … probably because what’s happening inside is the furthest thing from safe. 

The segment was roughly 3 minutes and 26 seconds. Of those 206 total seconds, while 168 seconds spotlighted the mobile abortion clinic, only 38 seconds were allotted to Lee to talk about his pro-life views.

CBS is obvious about its anti-life convictions and it's sickening to continue seeing stuff like this on the “news.”