Twitter Blue Checks Seize Over Kentucky's New Pro-Life Laws

August 2nd, 2022 1:32 PM

Whenever the lefties don’t get their way, they use Twitter as a coping mechanism to throw temper tantrums. 

Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s request to enforce a trigger law banning almost all abortions was granted Monday night. Naturally pro-death Twitter blue checks soiled themselves and made sure Twitter knew it. 

AG Cameron “asked the court to reinstate his ability to enforce the state’s trigger law, which bans all abortions except in cases of where risk of death or substantial risk of death of the pregnant person is a factor, as well as a six-week ban on abortions,” according to the Lexington Herold Leader paper. 

This law would essentially ban all abortions after the six-week mark and is a huge win in the fight for life. 

Unfortunately, lefties who don’t value life were less than pleased with the outcome of Monday’s court order. 

Here's He/Him Charles Booker who is running for Senate:

ACLU of Kentucky deemed pro-life laws “extremist.”

Yes, the laws that aim to stop the dismemberment of innocent children are the “extremist” ones, not the laws that enable such slaughter.

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey linked the pro-life laws to a “forced-birth agenda.”

And to bring it home, Planned Parenthood's verified account retweeted the Planned Parenthood Northwest account that said that pro-life laws were “cruel and devastating.” The group also tweeted out resources for Kentuckians who still want to kill babies. How thoughtful.

The leftist abortion mongers are sick and twisted — that’s nothing new. What's more shocking however is how open and vocal they are about advocating for something as disturbing and evil as abortion is.