Transgender ‘Man’ Advocates For Abortion ‘Rights’

July 28th, 2022 9:37 AM

Apparently Roe’s overturn has made transgender “men” feel “at risk.” Geez Louise! Grow a pair! 

Mikko Galpin contributed “his” two cents for USA Today insinuating that abortion access and “gender-affirming care” are at risk post Roe and that they are “vital” for survival. 

“I think what most people don’t understand is when supportive protections are in place that say that they are for pregnant women, obviously people like me are supposed to be included. Right? It’s for anyone who has a baby, even if you don’t happen to be a woman who’s doing so.” Galpin said in a video interview within the article.

Trying to figure out the pronouns, the body bits, the language and everything in-between with these people is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. 

As a “birthing person” Galpin birthed a son in 2017 with his husband “biologically” and the video showed Galpin with his/her pregnant belly. (P.S. it was gross … proceed with caution).

OK now listen. You can be a man or you can give birth. Somethin' ain't right if you think otherwise. 

The right to control our own bodies has been wrestled away from us by the Supreme Court, along with a clear road map of where it intends to go. In his concurrence, Justice Clarence Thomas called for the court to reconsider other rights that protect our freedom to make personal, private decisions, including the right to gay marriage and access to contraception.

To no surprise, that was all just leftie word vomit. Abortion bans aim to stop the slaughter of the unborn. Despite popular woke belief, life affirming laws have nothing to do with gay marriage. Not to mention, banning abortion is not going to decrease reproductive care for pregnant “people.” Abortion bans aim to save people, not hurt them. Keep in mind, killing innocent children is not “reproductive care” though. Reproductive care is doctor visits, proper nutrition, prenatal monitoring, etc. NOT ripping the arms and legs off of a preborn baby.

Galpin spewed some more word vomit about abortion being a “right.”

The decision to be pregnant and the decision to medically transition are deeply personal choices that profoundly affect an individual's life. It is not the court or the government’s place to decide who has the right to be free in their own body.

Actually, no. If you want to cut off your testicles or your breasticles, go ahead and ruin your life and live in a delusion if you so please. But don’t for a second think that is the same as aborting an innocent child.