PATHETIC: Former Senator Slimes Conservative Actress Gina Carano

March 31st, 2021 1:40 PM

Gina Carano was an MMA champion fighter....and cowardly leftists can’t help kicking her when she’s down. That includes slander from former Senator Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) who, on March 19's Real Time with Bill Maher, called her a “Nazi.”

Back in February, Lucasfilm fired The Mandalorian star for her outspoken conservative views. Carano’s cancelation was total: removing action figures relating to her Star Wars character and erasing her episode in featured shows. Having hurt her career, lefties couldn’t stop jabbing her on social media.

On a segment of Real Time with Bill Maher, Heitkamp was asked about her opinion of cancel culture when Carano came up. Without hesitation, Heitkamp jumped at the chance to offer up the smear.



During a riff on cancel culture, Maher lamented that it's “not just what you say, what you say, now it's what you listen to, they can get you for that. What you order, who you say you would like, any sort of association, if you retweet something — if you — you know, ‘I like this picture’ — who was the woman in The Mandalorian? What did she do? She liked something?”

Heitkamp started by saying "she was a Nazi" about Carano and Maher disagreed. Then Heitkamp said "she is involved with white supremacy … she does hang with white supremacists." And before summing up how Republicans use "Cancel culture" to "victimize" the party, she said "I suppose I’m now subject to defamation now ...  we have to be really careful."

Dang. Thank heavens Heitkamp is a former senator. 

It is disgusting the way that lefties throw around the word “Nazi” so nonchalantly. Apparently the truth is no longer relevant but mischaracterization is. 

Luckily, Carano hit Heitkamp right back. An account called Yeticast tweeted out the “heinous” video asking “How is this not slander?”

Carano was exactly right. The nature of cancel culture, aka the woke far lefties, encompasses a perpetual cycle of lies until the “population takes them as ‘truth.’” Actual truth be told, Carano is confident and not afraid to show her conservatism which intimidates people like Heitkamp.

At least the #weloveginacarano is still trending because name calling like this is really not a good look. Thank goodness people are noticing. Let’s get Carano a segment on Maher’s show and see what else she has to say about cancel culture nonsense and Heitkamp’s dramatic unraveling.