Jesuit Magazine Hails Abortion-Abetting Biden As a Faithful Catholic

November 12th, 2020 12:06 PM

Jesuits used to be known as the shock troops of the Counter Reformation. Nowadays in America, these Catholic priests and brothers of the Society of Jesus are little more than sycophants to liberal Catholic politicians.

The Jesuit magazine America recently published an article that touted presidential candidate Joe Biden as a practicing Catholic whose faith was a “gift.” Many of his supporters say that “Nothing was more sacred to [Mr. Biden] than his church,” among other things. Proof of Biden’s piety includes his Mass attendance and carrying a Rosary.

That may all be true, but Biden’s political and private life has seen him endorse enough anti-Catholic behavior to make a Muslim shake his head. This includes support for abortion, same sex-marriage, Obamacare in all its anti-religious freedom hideousness, and prosecution of nuns for following their religious beliefs. He even officiated a gay wedding. 

But liberal Catholics believe that Biden is the greatest thing to happen to the Church and America since Dorothy Day. Gay-agenda enthusiast Father James Martin, S.J., sounded positively giddy when he tweeted about Biden referencing a Catholic hymn in his victory speech. “The surprise 'On Eagles' Wings' [hymn] reference by @JoeBiden, which made my phone buzz like crazy, made me realize: this means four years of not only a Catholic president, but an injection of #Catholic culture into our national conversation in a way probably not seen since JFK.”

He’ll inject culture, alright. Anti-Catholic culture. 

The article in America tried to portray Biden as a faithful Catholic, but it’s perfectly obvious that Biden’s actions undermine all of his fancy words. For instance, America quoted Biden saying that “Jesus Christ is the human embodiment of what God wanted us to do. Everything Jesus did was sort of consistent with what generically we were supposed to do: treat people with dignity.”

Jesus didn’t allow the killing of infants. He said “let the little children come to me,” not “let the little children be slaughtered.” Today’s abortion genocide that Biden is abetting is not how to treat people with dignity, to say the least.  

Regarding one of his meetings with Pope Francis, Biden said, “He’s the embodiment of Catholic social doctrine that I was raised with. The idea that everyone’s entitled to dignity, that the poor should be given special preference, that you have an obligation to reach out and be inclusive.”

That explains why Biden thinks caring for the poor is more important than preventing murder in the form of abortion. Also, the Church doesn’t call for Catholics to be inclusive. It calls for Catholics to love. There’s a difference between loving a homosexual and promoting same-sex marriage. 

The article included a quote from Senator Chris Coons’s (D-DE) speech at the Democratic National Convention, where he gushed that “Joe’s faith is really about our future, about a world with less suffering and more justice, where we’re better stewards of creation, where we have a more just immigration policy and where we call out and confront the original sins of this nation, the sins of slavery and racism. Joe knows these are central issues in this election. And for him, they're rooted in faith.”

Is Coons even aware that the Civil War and the Civil Rights movement existed? And how does it make sense that Biden will help usher in a world with “better stewards of creation” if he supports the contraception mandates in Obamacare? Everybody knows contraception encourages sex without responsibility. 

Regarding his controversial stance on abortion, a practice which is not endorsed by the Church, America detailed that Biden does, in fact, agree that life begins at conception. But he also said “What I’m not prepared to do is impose a precise view that is borne out of my faith on other people who are equally God-fearing, equally as committed to life, equally as committed to the sanctity of life. I’m prepared to accept that the moment of conception is a human life convened. But I’m not prepared to say that to other God-fearing, non-God-fearing people.”

In other words, Biden isn’t willing to spread Catholicism to others, even though God said to “go and make disciples of all nations” in the bible. He wants to be “inclusive,” and his acceptance of abortion and same-sex marriage indicates that he is, but only towards those who espouse liberal views. At the same time, he refuses to “impose” his religious beliefs on others. Biden wants to transform the Catholic Church into something that fits the leftist ideology he and so many others adhere to. 

Doubtless the Jesuits and America will ignore basic Catholic teaching and do everything they can to help him.