Eddie Redmayne on Trans Anti-Rowling Rhetoric: ‘Absolutely Disgusting’

September 29th, 2020 4:28 PM

Transgender activists are not only furious at J. K. Rowling for her refusal to support certain transgender ideas, now they’re furious at people who don't support their perceived right to be angry and violent.

Rowling has been panned for several statements she made on Twitter, declaring that she has "been empathetic to trans people for decades," but that she could not agree to their belief of "erasing the concept of sex" since it "removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives." In response to those statements, online radicals tweeted vile remarks and called for others to assault her. Some have even burned her books

According to an article on boundingintocomics.com, actor Eddie Redmayne was one of many who didn’t concur with Rowling's assertions. He himself had acted as a transgender woman on film, and he even spoke up to defend transgenderism against Rowling’s opinions. But he was revolted by the verbal abuse and harassment she received. During an interview with the Daily Mail, he told the interviewer that these attacks were “absolutely disgusting.” 

Transgender Twitter exploded.

The article on boundingintocomics.com listed tweets posted by infuriated bigots. They called Redmayne a “talentless opportunist,” “pathetically clueless,” and “a spineless little man.” 

One man tweeted, “Well, I guess I don’t like like Eddie Redmayne anymore,” as if that would cast Redmayne into an existential depression.

Another angrily tweeted that “She is hating on a minority group and is getting, quite rightly, condemned by the public for doing so!”

Redmayne has just indirectly proved (as if Rowling hadn't already) that many transgender people and their supporters are unreasonably closed-minded and extremely intolerant of anything and anyone that does not slavishly support every aspect of their agenda. According to them, anyone who even protests the meanness of their conduct deserves slander, invective, and unbending hatred. Unfortunately for Redmayne, he seems to have learned this the hard way.