Lesbian Actress Jane Lynch Hopes ‘We Move On’ From ‘Labels’

Although she’s an out and proud lesbian, Hollywood actress Jane Lynch is looking forward to the time when our culture lets go of all labels.

In an interview with NBC Out’s Mary Emily O’Hara, the actress—known for her roles in Glee and The 40-Year-Old-Virgin—dished her take on LGBT representation in the media. Although some in Hollywood have complained that it is lacking, Lynch is not one of them.

“I think we've gone backwards, a little,” the actress commented about the culture as a whole. “But never in Hollywood. Entertainment is very inclusive. Whoever does the best job gets hired. And there's a lot of gays and lesbians in every level, every job — from crew to writing and acting.”

Eventually, Lynch hopes society will abandon gender and sexuality labels. And the liberal media is certainly pushing that.

“I'll tell you what is happening to me internally,” she told O’Hara, “which is the desire to let go of all labels.”

“I understand the need,” she continued, “especially for say, the transgender community, to stand up and say ‘I am a transgender person, and I will be counted. I exist, and I will be respected.’ But then hopefully we move on.”

But for now? Lynch is glad that Tinsel Town is pushing LGBT content. “What's great about Hollywood in its representation of gay characters and trans characters is that it finds its way into middle America. It creates a wave of acceptance.”

And that, after all, is the goal. At its recent L.A. gala, GLAAD—the activist group working to expand LGBT representation in the media—focused on “accelerating acceptance.”

But if Lynch herself wants to appeal to middle Americans with morals, she ought to clean up her act. In Angel from Hell, for example, the six-foot-tall actress is as crude and crass as they come. While portraying a guardian angel, she lies, drinks excessively, and uses liberal offensive language and sexual innuendo. 

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