'South Park' Calls Out Hollywood for Catering to Communist China

October 3rd, 2019 12:33 AM

The South Park episode "Band in China" that aired Wednesday night exposed the brutalities and human rights abuses of the Communist government and we're feeling pretty good about it. The episode slammed the entertainment industry for allowing Communist China to censor content produced in the United States.

In this episode, Stan Marsh forms a heavy metal band with some friends, using it as a way to unleash his anger about living thirty miles outside of town on a marijuana farm, and to let some of his resentment towards his father out. They play at South Park's Autumn Festival and afterwards are approached by a producer who wants to help them become the next big thing in the music industry with a biopic. However, there is a catch. China is going to be the one paying for their content and so they have to deal with China's censorship - "You got to lower your ideals of freedom if you want to suck on the warm teat of China."

While filming, the producer keeps interrupting to inform them that China won't approve of the things they are saying and they need to edit it. It gets to the point where the boys aren't even allowed to mention America being a free country. That's when South Park really lets Hollywood and the left have it: "Everyone else is fine with China approving our entertainment. Even the PC Babies don't seem to mind. And PC Babies cry about everything!



Mr. Mackey: Boys, I understand you've got a band here at the school?

Stan: Yeah, what's wrong with that?

Mr. Mackey: Well, boys, it seems to me like your music is kind of... Angry, m'kay? I mean it's really loud, m'kay. And it's a little angry.

Stan: Yeah, because I hate living on a farm 30 miles outside of town!

Jimmy: Yeah, tell him, Stan!

Stan: I can't stand my dad anymore! And if I want to do death metal, I can! It's a free country!

Producer: Cut! Cut, cut! Cut! Uh, kids, let's not say anything about this being a free country.

Stan: Aw, come on!

Producer: Hey, these guys were nice enough to come all the way from China to help us with our standards. We can at least listen to their notes. Oh. Oh, ok-- okay, okay. Actually, gang, when need to rewrite the whole second act.

Stan: But that'll take forever.

Producer: Come on, guys. Everyone else is fine with China approving our entertainment. Even the PC Babies don't seem to mind. And PC Babies cry about everything!

Eventually Stan protests and refuses to continue working for China because he can't take the censorship anymore and returns to his life on the farm: "I want to get away from that farm. More than anything. But it's not worth living in a world where China controls my country's art."

"Band in China" manages to succinctly sum up the issues with American businesses allowing Communist China to censor their content using satire and witty humor to drive their point home. They particularly slam Disney and point out the absurdity of WInnie the Pooh being banned in China but missed a big opportunity to go after other companies like Google and Nike. Still, any pop culture that points out the hypocrisies of the left is welcome!