Pro-Abortion Joe Biden Hailed by Press as ‘Devout Catholic’

August 24th, 2020 10:00 AM

Joe Biden's Catholic faith has been a popular topic for the media to trumpet lately. But what's been brushed under the rug is how Biden's extreme views on abortion are so contradictory with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Biden’s faith was referenced throughout the Democratic National Convention, including and especially during his acceptance speech. Following the address, Rahm Emanuel said:

One, he was very — you know, he’s very proud of being an Cath — Irish Catholic family. Very comfortable with religion. The theme of light versus darkness comes all the way through. The sense of hope and promise, which is also in the religious language and familiar and it had, given everything else, that created intimacy.

Following Biden’s speech, Religion News Service accepted an op-ed by author Guthrie Graves-Fitzsimmons praising the DNC's supposed focus on faith. “The past four days have emphasized the Democratic Party’s commitment to religious outreach and that has the potential to transform all of American politics,” he claimed. Later, he wrote, “The ordinary Americans motivated by our nation’s diverse religious traditions appreciate this acknowledgment from our leaders, especially when they demonstrate their words. By all accounts, Biden has lived out and relied upon his faith.”

The piece contained zero references to how Biden's extreme views on taxpayer-funded elective abortions are in lockstep with the Democratic Party. That Biden would rescind contraception mandate exceptions, even for Catholic nuns, is similarly omitted. It’s hilarious that Graves-Fitzsimmons believes in “the Democratic Party’s commitment to religious outreach.” Such a “commitment… has the potential to transform all of American policies,” all right, by telling those who disagree with the Democratic Party they cannot live out their faith. 

In addition to speaking at the convention, Senator Chris Coons (D-Del.), wrote an op-ed about faith published by Fox News. It contained sentiments which must apply to the unborn. “...Joe learned from a young age that all people are made in the image of God, and to love his neighbor as himself,” Coons wrote, but what has Biden done for the most weak and vulnerable among us, the unborn? He wrote later that for Biden and himself, “fighting for civil rights and equality isn’t just about political correctness, it’s about loving our neighbor and recognizing that all of us are created equal in the eyes of God.” He would echo sentiments about faith at the convention. 

The media consistently fawns over Biden's faith. Earlier this month, President Trump said Biden was “against God.” The media pounced immediately. It is not merely that the media went after Trump’s faith. Few mentioned Biden’s extreme abortion views. 

The media not only glossed over Biden’s support for late-term and taxpayer-funded abortions--if they mentioned them at all--they referred to Biden as a “devout Catholic” or a “practicing Catholic.” 

Outlets referring to Biden as “a devout Catholic" included:

  • CNN, in a video described Biden as “a devout Catholic.” The accompanying article mentioned Biden was “a practicing Catholic.”
  • Politico
  • USA Today

Those referring to Biden as “a practicing Catholic” included:

An August 7 article from the Washington Post glossed over abortion. It claimed, “Although [Biden] has prominently disagreed with the political goals of some religious groups, including the Catholic Church, he also has often proved that he understands them.” If Biden “understands them,” then his views remain inexcusable. It’s also not a matter of “political goals” for the Church to speak of Church teaching.

The only mention of abortion in another article about Biden from the Washington Post attributed such discussion to Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh.

Other recent commentary gushing over Biden’s faith abounds, including from religious outlets and persons. 

Jack Jenkins, in a piece published in America Magazine, claimed, “Joe Biden’s Catholic politics are complicated—but deeply American.” Jenkins made excuses for Biden:

An Irish Catholic educated by nuns in parochial schools, Biden is quick to invoke the church’s social teaching on the stump. But where Catholic morality rubs up against welfare or justice issues such as abortion and gay rights, Biden's understanding of his duty as a politician and a Catholic is clear: Decisions are to be informed by the faith he learned from nuns of his youth, not dictated by it.

So, can the media truthfully refer to Biden then as “practicing” or “devout?” Regardless, they do.

Christianity Today also excused how Biden’s views contradict the Church:

“He’s more serious about his Catholicism than a lot of Catholics are, but he still found his way to the pro-choice position on abortion,” [Historian Barry] Hankins said. “A lot of Catholic Democrats seem to be in this tension. The autonomy of the individual is kind of central to what their politics are all about and that’s in tension with the social teachings of the Catholic Church.”

Such “tension,” then, means that these persons must acknowledge they have chosen “politics” over adhering to Church teaching.

There was also mention of “our brother’s keeper.” Josh Dickson, national faith engagement director for Biden, talked about the ideas of “loving your neighbor, fighting for justice, and upholding the inherent human dignity of all,” from a pro-abortion party.

Dickson was also profiled in a piece from Religion News Service. There was, again, no mention of abortion, not even how many of Dickson's fellow Evangelicals support Trump as a pro-life politician. 

Former Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana praised Biden’s “deep Catholic faith” in an op-ed for The Indy Star. Donnelly, a pro-life Democrat, never mentioned abortion in his piece. If only he were brave--and honest--enough to properly examine Biden disagreeing so radically with the Catholic Church. Such examination cannot be expected in the media, sadly.