'Big Bang Theory' Creator Repeats Outlandish Claim Trump Has 'Untreated Syphilis'

May 2nd, 2019 9:31 PM

Another Thursday night means more Chuck Lorre shows, and the likelihood that Lorre is going to mock President Trump in a very bizarre way.

Following The Big Bang Theory’s May 2 episode, “The Plagiarism Schism,” shows viewers obstetrical forceps. Lorre hints that Trump may have been injured by such forceps when being born, and that he may even have syphilis:



I was recently thinking about obstetical [sic] forceps, a tool used to grab the head of an unborn baby and yank it through the birth canal. While injuries to the baby are rare, if the doctor were to sneeze during the procedure, it could cause serious brain damage to the unborn child. Now while there may be many other possible explanations to our current political crisis (I've always been partial to untreated syphilis), the "forceps-achoo" scenario cannot be ruled out as a causative factor.

As usual, Lorre did not mention Trump by name, though it’s not hard to figure out what he meant when he refers to “our current political crisis.”

Lorre is also not the first to be “partial” to believing Trump having “untreated syphilis.” A guest post back in February 2017 for The New Republic suggested the same, as has the uncouth Chelsea Handler. She made the claim on not just one, but two, occasions that same year, on her Netflix series in April and in July at Politicon.

If these Trump-bashing vanity cards seem familiar, that’s because Lorre has done several, even before Trump was elected. He’s also lamented the Mueller investigation, and has mocked Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ looks. Then again, Lorre has a penchant for mocking Republicans.

The vanity cards may be piling up, but they’re getting a whole lot weirder. They’re certainly not getting any funnier.