Chelsea Handler Claims Trump Has Syphilis at Politicon

What is it with Chelsea Handler and syphilis? She seems to have it constantly on her mind. The symptoms of her syphilitic fascination first became evident last April when Handler claimed that President Trump is suffering from the ailment that Handler can't seem to cure herself from thinking about. Handler's latest syphilitic fascination attack happened yesterday at Politicon in Pasadena, California, where she again claimed that Trump has that which she has yet to rid from her thoughts. 

Chelsea Handler played to the crowd at Politicon Saturday, bashing President Donald Trump in two separate appearances.

"He doesn't have a value system," she said to CNN's Jake Tapper on stage. "He's not interested in the American people. He lies constantly. He's also unstable, and I believe he has syphilis." (Tapper protested that last declaration).

Based on what proof, Chelsea? Did Trump display symptoms such as the mental derangement as can be seen here?

Handler, who has an eponymous show on Netflix, said she's not interested in playing it safe and pulling punches, even if it means potentially losing pro-Trump viewers. "I can't worry about the people I'm ostracizing," she said. "Nobody's going to like you all the time."

Okay, I act like I live in a rubber room and after the next presidential election that is where I will move for good. So I don't care that people think I am acting like a Hollywood limousine liberal loon.

Of Trump's seeming desire to have an independent administration divorced from traditional Republican powers, Handler said, "Donald Trump scares the shit out of me."

Kind of like the way a normal guy would feel if his blind date constantly talks about syphilis.

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