'Law & Order: SVU': New Voter Integrity Laws 'Slow Down' Progress

April 15th, 2021 11:07 PM

Anyone who thought Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was finished with kowtowing to Black Lives Matter will be severely disappointed. The latest episode of the NBC drama reminds that there’s always time to scold the police, just like there’s always time to call new voting laws racist.

The April 15 episode “Our Words Will Not Be Heard” kicks things off with a flashback to November’s terrible BLM episode as if to warn us about this week. Sure enough, we’re back five months later to follow up on those alleged systemic issues.

Captain Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) contends with an ongoing lawsuit against the NYPD brought from November’s episode. While she was worried that the courts may scapegoat her to send a message, she’s surprised to find that the personal investigation into her has been dropped. This is obviously a good thing, but Olivia actually feels a little disappointed because this will “slow” systemic changes to the police. Her friend and fellow officer Fin (Ice T) agrees with her and even throws in a jab at new voter integrity laws:



Fin: How'd it go with IAB?

Olivia: Well, they dropped the investigation on me.

Fin: Then why don't you look happy?

Olivia: Because all that change that we thought was coming? 1PP is doing everything they can to slow it down.

Fin: And that surprised you? I knew that months ago. The second Garland told me that we were at a-- how'd he put it? A true inflection point.

Olivia: Well, Fin, I actually really believed that we were.

Fin: Guys like this, when they see change coming, they push back. You see what's going on with the new voting laws?

Olivia: Please--I know, I...

Fin: You know, my mother always told me, nobody gives you anything. If you want something, you gotta go for it.

Olivia: Thank you, Fin.

So requiring people to show I.D. when they vote is now “pushing back”? The bar for racism is so low that ants couldn’t find them. Unfortunately for us, this means liberals will now be pushing that lie on primetime television along with every other news broadcast and the rest of Hollywood and corporate America. 2021 is already looking worse than the year before.

She does later meet with the prosecutors and even convinces them to hold off on demanding a trial for now in exchange for things like “bias training,” “funding allocation,” and “civilian oversight.” It’s better than outright defunding or abolishing, but it’s still vague enough to remind people that BLM will never be satisfied. Odds are this lawsuit will likely show up again.

Fortunately, unlike the November episode, this pending lawsuit does not prevent the SVU from doing their jobs. They are able to successfully find and rescue the kidnapped sister of a local Black activist from a vicious white supremacist group. Funny how when Portland and Minneapolis are set on fire by BLM and Antifa activists, Law & Order still finds time to have not one, not two, but three episodes warning viewers about white supremacists and other conspiracy groups. NBC does know they can criticize both, right?

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