Oprah Network Drama: Trump Supporters ‘Cult’ Clinging to ‘Dominance of Whiteness’

March 30th, 2021 11:37 PM

Sadly, last week’s mess of racial nonsense wasn’t enough for the family drama Queen Sugar. The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) series created by BLM activist filmmaker Ava DuVernay about black sugar farm owners in rural Louisiana is still determined to praise Black Lives Matter, but this time they added an unhinged rant about Trump supporters.

As the title implies, the March 30 episode “June 1, 2020” takes place only a few days after last week’s episode which focused on news of the death of George Floyd. What that means is that everyone is still riding high on the usual fumes of BLM propaganda.

Nova (Rutina Wesley), the activist of the family, immediately starts setting up another march for justice. However, this time around she’s doing one with children including her ten-year-old nephew Blue (Ethan Hutchison). The fact that she’s involving children in these protests is not only not dismissed as cruel and manipulative but praised for “teaching them early.” I doubt they’d say the same about children at the March for Life.

Even worse, Nova uses the opportunity to go on a rant about Trump and his supporters, claiming they’re “a cult” who would rather have “nothingness” than “give up the dominance of whiteness.”



Nova: I just wanna make sure everything is airtight for tomorrow. They're kids, you know. So I don't want any surprises.

Rid: You ain't gotta worry about no foolishness out there. They babies.

Nova: Oh, I wish I could share your optimism. But in less than four years, Trump unleashed something from the shadows that took generations for our ancestors to drive out of the light in the first place.

Rid: We'll get rid of that fool come this November. Believe that.

Nova: Yeah. I hope so. But I don't know. You see these people. It's a cult. They don't just believe him, they believe in him. A billionaire who's never worked a real day in his life, who dodged the military service, who don't believe in their churches, who scorns and derides them. They'd rather hang on to that nothingness, that disdain, rather than give up the dominance of whiteness.

Rid: Facts. No lie.

Nova: Even if he slithers away, everything he represents and promotes will never be gone. Not in our lifetimes anyway. Maybe for Blue and his grandkids. You know, if we keep fighting, maybe.

Those were most certainly not “facts” and contained plenty of lies. Even if every one of those psychotic ramblings were true, Nova and the people who support BLM seem only happy to scorn, deride, and hate conservatives even more. They’re hardly good examples of who people should be listening to instead of Trump.

Of course, the BLM mantra still echoes throughout the episode. Nova’s other nephew Micah (Nicholas L. Ashe) heads out to Minneapolis to protest, which is suddenly okay in the middle of a pandemic. Nova’s white boyfriend’s daughter asks how she can be a “good ally” only to be advised to “stay uncomfortable.”

Finally, after Nova’s protest is originally cancelled for a lack of a permit, Nova’s brother Ralph (Kofi Siriboe) decides to protest himself complete with his wife and Blue. They’re soon confronted by the stereotypical racist white officer designed to permanently scar Ralph’s son’s life.




Officer: We got a call about someone obstructing traffic on this route.

Ralph: That ain't us. Just minding our business holding these signs.

Officer: Minding your own business?

Ralph: That's right.

Officer: On public property?

Ralph: But, see, right here is private. Where you standing, that's public property. We own all that back there. That's all us.

Officer: You own it?

Ralph: That's right.

Officer: Hmm. You got any proof of that?

Ralph: I mean, why I gotta show you proof if I just told you I own it?

Officer: 'Cause you telling me ain't enough.

Ralph: Who you know walk around with the deed to their property in their back pocket, huh?

Officer: You have any identification on you?

Ralph: It's back at the house.

Officer: Back at the house? The one you supposedly own?

Darla: Ralph Angel, we'll get it.

Ralph: Darla, no, you don't—

Darla: I got it.

Officer: How you doing?

Ralph: You ain't got nothing better to do, huh? Than driving around, harassing people?

Officer: Oh, trust me, there's a million other things I'd rather be doing right now than dealing with a bunch of... BLM sign twirlers.

Ralph: Well, ain't nobody stopping you, Officer. Go ahead. Go handle your business, huh?

Officer: Boy, the mouth on you people.

Ralph: The mouth on you people.

I’m sure the writers assume that all BLM protests consist only of peaceful protestors being bullied by police. Just like I’m sure that the writers really do believe all Trump supporters are cult members. Unfortunately for them, that is not reality, and this country will be a better place when they realize that.

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